NPC/Quest Help Rules:

As with all the rules on LOMCN, they must be adhered to at all times.
Failure to comply to the rules, will result in warnings, infractions and bannings given.

All rules have been revised for each section and in doing so, there are some new rules that must be followed.

I've decided to add a couple of rules to this section, its not to be pendantic about things. But to give a cleaner section and a more helpfull section for those looking for answers.


NPC/Quest Help DO's:

1a. Title must be of the problem and including use - IE: No item/Quest NPC
1b. If a problem is fixed, by ether yourself or someone at LOMCN. Then please share the fix.
1c. Please try to explain in your best english, what your problem is and no TXT speak.

NPC/Quest Help DON'T's:

2a. NO FLAMING, prejudices, and persecutions towards anyone!
2b. Double posting will result in a warning and removal of the first post, its not allowed for any reason.
2c. No sweaing

Failure to comply to these rules, will result in warnings being given and threads being removed. Breaking these rules more than once, will result in user section removal. In other words BANNED from this section, so you have been warned.

These rules can and will change at a moments notice and so it is advised that users check this section on a regular basis. Failing to do so and then being warned for it, will be your own fault. Staff at LOMCN, do not take responsiblty for other users actions.