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    Re: Inflikted's Idiot Guide to .txt Manipulation

    yup ida summed it up nicely

    i might correct my tutorial a bit later. i think people are getting a bit confused with the first part of the script, and assuming you can't check a name on a list any other way. the method ida described is a bit longer, but accurate for guild's or anything else you want to check. the username check that i had is just a more simplified version that saves a few lines of text, but obviously it can't be used everywhere.
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    Re: Inflikted's Idiot Guide to .txt Manipulation

    I have 1 question: .txt file can store only 255 names/guilds/IDs/etc. or more than 255? its important for me because we rewrite integral system on ower serwer from database to txt files (its save integral value in txt files).
    Someone know?

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    Re: Inflikted's Idiot Guide to .txt Manipulation

    I don't "think" there is a limit. Only way to test is to run it, although I would recommend using SQL, I find it easier to search and update many users at once.. - PhoenixRising Server & Sting3G Server

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    Re: Inflikted's Idiot Guide to .txt Manipulation

    i miss something in that script. I know addnamelist and checknamelist from woool server files. there is also the command DelNameList for delete a name from a list. Before i read that post i have not known that on Lomservers that 3 Commands work also *lol

    A nice example for use it, is in that way quests what you normal do with flags but as all from us know that work longer with lom flags are only some available and it have a limit. txt files never have a limit!


    Checknamelist finished.txt ;;Here is a check if the user allread had done that quest
    You have done the Quest!
    #elseact goto @queststart

    hi m8 you wanna make a quest?

    checknamelist start.txt ;;Here check"the user had allready start so he will bring questitems"
    You bring me what i told you to ?
    If you wanna help me bring me 20 X items
    addnamelist start.txt
    Checkitem X 20
    Nice that you had survive it and bring me what i need!
    take item x 20
    delnamelist start.txt ,,had get reward
    addnamelist finished.txt ;;had finished quest for check in first part
    give "Reward"
    something is missing you have not the items!
    only a small example. that it work you must create for sure that both txt files (start.txt and finished.txt)
    and now for the once that are better in that as me.

    How does a command in writeline (chatline) can start a script?
    i mean now example:

    someone write as example @adduser "Name" (i have seen on Hasekura server)

    how can than a popup window come and ask :"You wanna add that member to guild?"

    //i will not copy that part but i think it usefull cause than also commands like that can have a much deeper use as example for events guildevent quests and more
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