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Thread: Kaos Mir3

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    Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Latest News
    Ok so with all the flaming that was going on last month I decided to go underground with the dev work even to the dedicated testers, as I felt this was the only way I could get things done effectively.

    I'm pleased to announce Kaos is now at a playable beta stage, we would like to have a full 2 week play test from as many players as possible, and bugs to be reported as normal in the relevant section on our forums.

    The server will be wiped after this testing period. Then we will go ahead and go live.

    So the Final Stage of testing is finally here. There will be 80 Testing spots available on a first come, first serve basis. There will be a wipe after this stage as stated above, and once all bugs are fixed from this stage we will go live, Maximum Time frame for testing we are looking at 2 weeks solid gameplay testing.

    If you are interested in participating in the test feel free to join using the instructions below.

    Step 1: Tutorial Video
    Download and install the non-commercial version of Hamachi. (v1.0.3.0)
    Please use your forum name if possible when setting up your display name.

    Step 2:
    Join ONE of these Testing networks for a testing position;
    Kaos Testing 1
    Kaos Testing 2
    Kaos Testing 3
    Kaos Testing 4
    Kaos Testing 5

    All Passwords are kaos

    Step 3:
    Download and Install Kaos Client - KaosBetaV1.00
    Download and Install Kaos Patch - KaosBetaV1.10

    Step 4: All previous steps must be completed first
    Create an account

    Connection Issues
    If you are running any firewalls, please allow them access to the Mir 3 client. This is usually done by clicking 'Allow' in a lower right popup when trying to load the client.

    Creating a Shortcut
    To create a desktop shortcut to kaos, right click the Launcher.exe file, then hover over "Sent To", then click "Desktop (create shortcut)". You may rename the newly-created desktop shortcut to anything you like.

    Changelog V1.10
    New Additions:
    Dungeon Raids / Instances
    As promised we have added a few dungeons with more to be opened on further testing. The Idea is to give you an incentive to group hunt, all raids will require atleast 5 players to enter. There is a special exp system for these dungeon raids, where you don't lose exp for grouping and you get more than standard soloing.
    Dungeon raids / instances can be accessed by only one group at a time. There are notices outside the instance that check the dungeon every 5 minutes and speak at the entrance to let waiting groups know the status.

    New Items Added
    Added 62 armours covering characters up to level 250
    added 17 boots covering characters up to level 300

    New NPCs
    Added a total of 105 npcs covering wood, metal, leather, cloth and animal parts for cashing up on the loot from mobs.

    Graphical Updates
    The ongoing client graphical changes continues, minimaps, items, GUI little extras, you will likely notice changes throughout your travels.

    All systems are now complete, may still need a few tweaks if bugs are found, but we're looking ready to get things moving

    For information on previous updates for V1.01 -> V1.09 please see our forums.


    Old News
    Kaos has been in development for quite some time, and we now feel it is time to advertise its upcoming launch. If you are seeking any additional information apart from what is posted in this thread please feel free to visit our forums.

    We will be using a highly customised server/client mix, and as such Kaos will require a full client download to play, you will not be able to play without problems by using a client from another server.

    Information about some of the major changes can be found below, this thread will be updated less frequently than the status thread on our own forums, so for up to the minute information, don't forget to check our forums too.

    Character Build System Explained

    This is the base of the unique player creation system for kaos.

    Un-like traditional mir you will be choosing your name your gender and your 'Build' type.
    Strength Build
    Health per Level - 15
    Mana per Level - 3

    Magic Build
    Health per Level - 4
    Mana per Level - 14

    Spirit Build
    Health per Level - 9
    Mana per Level - 9

    These stats will determine your Health and Mana stat increases per level, and will eventually shape the way your character will be.

    Coupled with the new Skill Points system, even at level 300 there will be many variations of each build type, as everyone will no doubtedly have there own choice of skills.

    Character Ascension (Sub-Builds)
    Here are the final ascension builds with the elite skills you will be able to learn.

    Strength Builds
    Beserker - Barge, Bladestorm, Assault, Whirlwind, Provoke, Might, FlameStrike
    Paladin - Heal, MassHeal, Defiance, DragonRise, GreatEvilSlayer, Whirlwind, FlameStrike
    Shadowfiend - Poisoning, Might, FlameStrike, Transparency, FireStar. Bladestorm, Halfmoon
    Dragoon - Defiance, DragonRise, Halfmoon, BladeStorm, Provoke, Barge, Assault

    Magic Builds
    FlameTamer - Fireball, Firestar, ScorchEarth, FireCloud, MeteorShower, DragonsWrath, MagicShield
    StormCaller - Lightningball, Lightningbolt, Lightningbeam, Lightningflower, Lightningsplash, MagicShield, IceStorm
    IceBreaker - Iceball, Iceblades, FrozenEarth, IceStorm, GFE, MagicShield, DragonTornado
    WindRider - Powerburst, GreatPowerBurst, BlowEarth, DragonTornado, Tempest, MagicShield, Lightningflower

    Spirit Builds
    Druid - GreatEvilSlayer, SummonShaman, SummonDemonFighter, Strength, MagicProtect, Resilience, Bloodlust.
    Cleric - Halfmoon, DragonRise, GreatEvilSlayer, MassHealing, GreatTaliExplosion, Bloodlust, Resilience.
    Mesmer - Poisoning, GreatTaliExplosion, MassInvisibility, Strength, Transparency, SummonShaman, GreatEvilSlayer
    Enchanter - ElementalSuperiority, MagicProtect, Resilience, Bloodlust, GreatTaliExplosion, MassHeal, GreatEvilSlayer

    Skill System Explained

    We have completed changed the way you will learn character skills in Kaos. Each time your character levels you will recieve 1 Skill Point(SP), you spend Skill Points to learn an additional Skill depending on how you want your character to shape up. New higher level skills will only become available to learn, when basic skills have been learnt.
    Example Firestar can only be learnt after you have learnt Fireball.

    Some skills can only be learned from certain Master of Skill Type NPCs, which you may have to do quests or simply explorer to find them.
    There is no level restriction on what skills you can learn, the only restriction is you must learn any required skills before being able to learn the new skill.

    BGM Music

    Each map in kaos will have a completely new musical theme, to bring the game into its own, music has been carefully picked to give each map its own feel.

    Province Quests

    Province Quests are quests specific to certain areas of kaos, these will need to be completed to allow access to different maps, many caves and dungeon type areas.

    Weapons and Weapon Fusion

    Most of the weapons in Kaos are fusionable, only base fusion weapons will drop and will be purchasable from the shops, you will have to put hard graft into any weapon upgrades.

    There are other weapons available, but these will not be fusionable.
    There are a total of 87 weapons obtainable using the Fusion System alone.

    Fusion will require your character being the correct level, the right type and amount of metal, and the right grade fusionstone.

    All builds have access to all weapon types, except bows/guns, weapon types include.
    - Light Swords (Fast Hitting, Moderate Damage)
    - Heavy Swords (Slow Hitting, High Damage)
    - Maces (Moderate Hitting, Moderate Damage)
    - Axes (Slow Hitting, High Damage)
    - Polearms (Slow Hitting, High Damage)
    - Staves (Slow Hitting, Low Damage, Magic Bonus)
    - Wands (Moderate Hitting, Moderate Damage, Spirit Bonus)

    There are additional weapon types to be released for the first patch release.

    Item Assembly

    In an effort to stay true to the base line of Kaos which is all about customing and unique characters. The item assembly will help with that, for the launch there will be 1287 customisable items.

    Item Assembly will require your character being the correct level, the right items and the right grade flikrunes.

    Item types include.
    - Rings (MC/SC/Element)
    - Chains (M-All / Special)
    - Gloves (DC)
    - Braces (AC / MR)

    There are additional Items to be released for the first patch release. That will expand on the current list, and add new ones.


    All characters will start in Birth Island, after doing your tutorial question, you will choose which Faction you want to join, and will be teleported to either Kavendoor (Dragon) or Jayde (Lotus), and that will be your Main Town.

    There are 25 overland maps including a recent addtion which splits perosia into 2 provinces Shiverpeaks and Perosia.

    The total number of dungeons has not yet been decided, but these will be released over time.

    Factions - Wars and Choices

    A few things that bring this system all together are as follows

    Factions - The core to kaos, Dragons vrs Lotus. Faction members are easily identifable with the tags [Dragon] and [Lotus] appearing below the characters name.

    Tokens - The factions currency, tokens are used to start province wars, and player started events.

    Province Wars - Factions can fight it out over the control of whole areas in kaos. This is the only way to unlock the services of certain NCPs ingame.

    Faction Quests - Faction specific quests, written to be intertwined. So you will be running into some opposing faction members on your quest runs.

    This information is suppose to be a bit brief, as we will only be letting out the full info on launch!

    Metals, Minerals and Materials

    Marked by stone columns you will be able to mine most metals this way. This system is different to the old one in mir, the resource spots will be like npcs, that you will have to stand around to mine. You can have upto 8 players mining from the same spot, and you can AFK mine.

    Marked by colourful resource spot, you will be able to cut gems out as long as you have the correct tools in your inventory. This is similair to mining in the way it works.

    Bodyparts dropped by monsters, covers a wide range of available materials. Some monsters may drop more than one type of material. for example, you might get animal leg bone and animal tail fur from the same monster.

    There are around 70 new items that fit into these 3 catagories, and there may well be more in the future.


    The waypoints system will act as a subquest on its own, everytime you encounter a new waypoint, simply touching it will activate it forever more on your character. You will be able to travel to any Waypoint you have activated from any waypoint you visit.


    There are atleast 80 Monsters being used in Kaos that have not been used in phoenix before. Some images you may have seen before others no doubt you will not have. We will be using these new images to truely bring a new feel to kaos!


    Each faction will have 2 mounts, the stats will be the same for the level 1 and 2 mounts for each faction, but they will look different.

    Dragon Mount 1 - Rhinor

    Dragon Mount 2 - Stryder

    Lotus Mount 1 - Saber

    Lotus Mount 2 - Abraxas

    Kaos Achievements

    A system similair to Xbox Live Gamer Achievements, you can unlock achievements throughout your Kaos experience, you will be able to keep track of your achievements from an ingame NPC.

    Any Questions welcome.

    Cheeky & Turbo
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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Been most anticipated server ever i think, especially witht he overdueness lol. Really like all the stuff ive heard about it and glad someone has had the balls to make a DIFFRENT server coz whenever anybody else tries theplayers moan lol.

    Bit unhappy that your taking donations before the servers even up though and im guessing that it will have the indirect donations for items like pheonix but other than that should be a good server and cant imagine you bein g removed from advertising since your on good terms with Kaori

    But all i can say is very well done and thanks for getting a large community excited about a server again and if possible il definately be playing along with alot of members of the guild i belong.
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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    We can only apologise for the several opening dates that have been pushed back, this is why we have waited this long to make a post about it coming soon.

    We will now be holding an open beta week for stress tests before the VIP event starts.

    hope to see you there

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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    wow nice work cant w8

    love the xbox rip hehehe sounds gd defo be playing

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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    cant wait for this server, its goin to be different, we cud even call this mir 4 :O
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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Tbh. I've been waiting for this server a long time. I do agree tho, every other server that accepts donations arent allowed to be advertised, is abit biased so to say. But saying that, Cheeky/Turbo arent just 2 power mad little children trying to make a quick packet from it so alot of people have no problem with it as we know the money we donate will be used towards gettin the server running on a dedi.

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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Sounds good, although i thik map has a point.....

    Might give it a try when its out of beta no point playing for it to be wiped, is this one going to be dropped like your other one if you dont like all the stuff that went on? i hope not.

    Warrior Level 49

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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    This is a new server agreed, but from a server owner proven to keep a server going.

    No more donation talk please. Comments on the server only.
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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Sounds good and can't wait for different server.

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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Quote Originally Posted by mapadale View Post
    Sorry Andy, but this server should be banned from advertising on LOMCN.

    This server is not even LIVE and you are asking for DONATIONS for it.

    I don't know how you dare have the cheek to do this.
    Thats a fair enough point, but if you're going to quote the website please do it in full.

    Please remember this is completely voluntary, and is not a requirement to play Kaos. However if you would like to help with the running cost and future of Kaos, all support is greatly appreciated.
    If this is indeed against the rules then by all means remove the thread.


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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Quote Originally Posted by mapadale View Post
    Sorry Andy, but this server should be banned from advertising on LOMCN.

    This server is not even LIVE and you are asking for DONATIONS for it.

    I don't know how you dare have the cheek to do this.

    wow i read the forums daily and all you do really is moan at other people,

    This server is going to be a step stone and can show every server owner how great mir3 can be, hopefully it will inspire others to try harder to make a server and bring people back to this game,
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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Quote Originally Posted by Baughan View Post
    donations are only stupid when its donated to a pointless server ran by children.
    this isnt really ran by children though, i just hope they dont get power hungry and close server because a few carebears complained about the pking lol

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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Ahh PPl come on like ida said its a owner that is proven for servers that are running and not build for donations.

    M8 it sounds nice it remember me a bit of wow with two fractions fight vs another fraction ill think its cool. I have not much time to play cause i work on my own project but hey if mine is done and running be sure i will have a look on ur server cause its sounds totaly diffrent to others

    greetz anyways


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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    This server is allowed to be advertised on LOMCN.

    I do not want to see more discussions about donations.

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    Re: Kaos Mir3 - Coming Soon

    Thread Cleaned, next abusive post, or post about Donations (Which we have said is OK for THIS server) and we will start to infract.

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