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    Rules and Other Information - READ BEFORE POSTING

    All new posts in this forum need to be approved by a moderator before they will be visible to anyone other than yourself. This process can take up to 72 hours. DO NOT post multiple threads just because they don't appear straight away or you will be infracted.

    ALL of the information below must be posted in your thread and kept up to date. (Users should be able to get on to the server without ever having to visit another site other than LOMCN.)

    NEW Threads

    1. New threads must ONLY be used in order to make an advertisement about a server which is not already being advertised on LOMCN.
    1a. Advertisements MUST contain the following in the post itself:

    IP address (or "no-ip" address)
    Server Name
    Server Type
    (e.g. 1.4, 1.9, 2.3, 2.6, Ruby, Heroes)
    Host Machine stats & Internet stats
    Exp Rates
    Starting Level
    Starting Gold
    Direct Download Links
    Website and Forum Links (if applicable).
    Full list of gameshop information including prices and what is available for purchase (if applicable).

    2. The subject must include the servers name, and the file version. ([2.3], [2.6+])
    3. One advert per server. "Bumping" is not allowed.
    4. Any new information should be edited into the first post.
    5. DO NOT advertise an 'upcoming server', all server advertisements MUST be online or the thread will be deleted. Upcoming servers should go in the Upcoming Servers section.

    Kaori Siggy Image can be added using this code:

    NEW Threads: Validation

    When you click the 'Post' button your advertisement will not appear immediately, but instead will be put into a queue for a moderator to oversee. If the moderator believes your advertisement complies to the above rules it will be approved and appear in due course. However if your server is not online when the moderator reviews your advertisement - they are not obliged to validate your post.

    This validation may take up to three (3) days, and doesn't usually offer any feedback. If after three days you're SURE your thread complied with the rules of this forum, and has failed to appear - PM an Advisor/SMod/Admin or resubmit.

    Server Discussion

    1. Users are not permitted to post on server advertisements. Posting is reserved for members of the server team ONLY. (For updates etc.)
    2. Online servers will have a discussion thread created within the "Server Discussion" sub-forum, where all members are permitted to post and discuss the server.
    3. Discussion threads will not be "cleaned" by any moderator so do not ask. The only posts to be deleted are genuine spam, for which you can use the "Report Post" button.

    Other Forums and Sites

    1. Users may advertise their own server forums and websites, provided they are STRICTLY about their server ONLY.
    2. Anyone found advertising other sites or forums with content other than their server will be infracted and the link removed.

    Donations / Game Shops

    It is not against the rules to accept donations or run a "game shop" where players are able to purchase in-game content for RLC (real life cash/currency), however you are required to include a full list of prices and content/items that are available for purchase.


    1. Occasionally members of LOMCN staff will send private messages (PM) to server owners asking them to verify if the server is still online/active (if it looks like the server is offline, for example). Failure to reply to this message within 7 days will result in the advert being removed from LOMCN.
    2. The 'LOMCN Global Forum Rules' still apply in all sections.

    Failure to comply with these rules will result in your advert being removed. If it is regarded as behavior which contravenes the Global Forum Rules - you will be infracted.

    Note: Any type of threat (or suggestion) towards the operation of the server, through LOMCN or any other channel, will result in an immediate ban on this forum. If a moderator suspects you of such activities, they have full capacity to ban you before any action may occur as a preventative measure. Such bans will be overseen by other members of staff as they occur and any further action taken as necessary.

    LOMCN Staff
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    How to Get Your Server Approved

    How to Get Your Server Approved

    We select LOMCN approved servers through the following criteria:

    - Long uptime
    - No reliability issues
    - No cases of people being scammed
    - Run by good people
    - No previous short term servers

    If we see your server matches this criteria it will be given the 'Approved' tag giving your server advert the exposure it deserves.

    LOMCN Staff
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    Constructing a Good Server Advert

    Constructing a Good Server Advert

    Due to the mass of server adverts we have to keep deleting due to insufficant information or being very poorly constructed, we are offering a little bit of guidence and advice for the server advertisers.

    Before you even consider advertising your server take the time to read the server advertisment rules at the top of this thread.

    Construction of a good advert.

    Include as much info as you can, for example:

    1) Server name
    2) IP address
    3) Host machine and internet stats
    4) EXP rates
    5) Starting level
    6) Starting gold
    7) Special features / updates
    8) Download links - full client/exe/autopatcher
    9) Website and Forum links
    10) A storyline perhaps
    11) Include an ingame screenshot or custom image


    The idea of a good advert is so you encourage people to join your server, a poorly constructed advert, no server forum etc will give people the same impression about your server.

    If your unsure on how to construct a server advert look through other peoples adverts, see how they have constructed there ones, visit other servers websites and forums to see what info there sites and forums have, and what they offer to players which is different to others to encourage new players and to keep current players active on there server.

    When you place your advert it will go into a moderation queue, the Admins or moderators will check the thread and if we feel there is not enough info we will simply delete the thread and send you a pm, if you advertise and hear nothing and your advert doesn't appear drop one of us a pm to see what's going on.
    If your advert is sufficient you will see it appear in the server advert section.

    Do not advertise an upcoming server in this section use the upcoming server section of the forum located here: Upcoming Servers section

    Remember: Make your advert stand out from the crowd!
    Written By Koni

    LOMCN Staff
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    Re: Rules and Other Information - READ BEFORE POSTING

    Rules updated.

    Tai - LOMCN Administrator

    I do not answer server help questions via PM. PM'ing me will not get you a quicker answer than posting.

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