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    Slayzone Mir Server [2.6]



    New update done for revamping the server please run auto patch as of the 13/06/2013

    60 New items and kits ranging from levels 35 to 60 including new weapons

    Potcash fixed and working

    Much fairer drops (even better with 10% drop bonus token)
    Mobs more balanced

    EXP has been increased

    ALL EXP tokens and buffs fixed lasting up to 3 days

    Major Server Upgrades SQL Database server has been increased allowing smoother game play also mirserver has more bugs fixed practically none exist

    For one week only all new chars will start at lvl 20 and with 75k in Gold
    New Server Spec's :

    Ruby M2 Files
    Xeon 3.0GHz 12MB Cache 4 cores X2 8 cpus in total
    16Gb Ram
    120 MB line

    Server Status : Online (x3 EXP)
    Server is a friendly server, with active Gm's and a great community.

    Classes :
    Warrior (Tank)
    Wizard (Magic Damage)
    Taoist (Support)
    Assassin (Physical Damage)

    Features :

    Loan your items to others for a duration of your choice.

    Guild wars.


    Crafting items plays a big part on this server.

    Working Quest System, with quests up to level 50.

    Server Info :
    This is a real good all round clean Server that will stay like it
    the support is second to none and we will aid you in every way possible to make your gaming experience one of the best.
    Server has been live for 3+ Months and will continue to stay running.

    Drops are very well balanced to not flood server, but there is always something there for you to level for and achieve

    Based on euro with slight Exp / Drop Tweaks.
    With new caves such as :
    Turtle Island
    Ice Temple
    Numa Temple
    + Many more..

    We are bring back all the good stuff about mir that we loved so much.

    Check out the site for more

    Account's and Registration

    Full game


    New Forums up and running

    Current Event :
    Bash the omas for prizes
    Average level is around 30 - 45.
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    Re: Slayzone Mir Server 2.6

    This thread is an advertisement, for the team to post updates only. I have cleaned the thread, if you wish to discuss a server - use the Server Discussion section.

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    Re: Slayzone Mir Server 2.6

    This thread is reserved for updates from the server owner(s) only. Do not post here.

    If you wish to discuss this server or need technical support, please use the dedicated Discussion Thread found in the Server Discussion section.

    Link Below for Server Discussion

    Click Here
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