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    Legend Of Mir: Affinity [Crystal]

    Server Files: Diamond
    Dedicated Host: Yes

    Legend of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy is an adapted version of the original Legend Of Mir: 2.

    The Server has expansive list of custom updates and is run on the Crystal M2 Source.

    There are 3 Classes currently to choose from, Warrior, Wizard or Taoist. Each have their unique benefits and downfalls to choosing each class. But do not count the Archer or the Assassin out just yet, I will be looking to reconstruct the classes to give my own unique twist to them. But they will not be available until a future Expansion Update.

    Join a Guild or Group up with friends to conquer harder dungeons!

    The EXP has been customised but if it were to be given a place it would be a Medium Rate.
    There is plenty of custom content with over 250,000 Monsters Spawning, of which 200,000 of them are custom. Some of these monsters have their own AI’s which allow them to attack and maneuver different to usual monsters.

    Bosses will be a challenge with both their AI’s to give them a few surprises during fights and their strength. The bosses will be a challenge for a group but of course there will be plenty of bosses for the solo player.

    Questing will have a big impact on Legend of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy as there is so many that you are able to do amongst the group quests, daily quests, daily cave quests and special quests. You will have something to do every single day.

    The current magic library has been updated with brand new spell images to give a new flare to the game making feel less “the same”.

    Server Specifications:
    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 V2 @3.40GHz
    12 GB RAM
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    UK Hosted Dedicated Server



    Face Book Page


    Special Areas:-

    You will be able to enter special areas on the map known as “Instances”, these instances are open to the public but at set hours of the day. Places such as Magical Cavern and The Sunken Gateway are both areas which open at specific times.

    Magical Cavern 10AM – 12PM & 6PM – 8PM (GMT)

    The Sunken Gateway 4PM-10PM(GMT)

    There are other types of area too such as the Challenge Instances, examples are the Tower of Tribulation and the Monster Arena. Both are challenging and can offer great rewards at a cost to Enter.

    Tower Of Tribulation –

    Well, The Tower comprises of 50 Floors, Each floor is filled tothe brim with Monsters! You will have to get to the next floors doorin order to get to the next round! Every round that you win, You will be able to claim a Tower Stone for that level (Only if you choose to end your hunt there!). If you do then you will be sent back to town with your prize.
    At the End of each floor there is a Strong Monster guarding the next floorsdoor.
    Get past him to advance!

    Monster Arena –

    The Monster Arena is where combatants can test there skill against waves of monsters, only one player may enter the Monster arena at a time. The Rounds will get increasingly harder and will involve both monster rounds and boss rounds so be careful not to get caught up! Every 5 Rounds that you pass you can choose to teleport to town and claim your reward or you can carry on til the end. There is 50 rounds in the Monster arena. The Prize for the Monster Arena is a Monster Arena Torch for the level you have achieved.


    In order to make your life a little easier, we have added Exploration to the game, you will need to go to each village first and be the required level before you can unlock that areas teleports. Nothing is stopping you entering the caves by foot, but the Teleporter in Bichon Wall will not offer its services until you have unlocked the areas Beacon.

    New Magic:-

    Currently there are 9 New Spells in game,

    (Warrior) Iron Skin (Passive) –
    Further Training of the Warriors Martial Art Skill, gives him a further boost to AC & AMC Permanently.

    (Warrior) Destruction Burst (Active Leveling Spell) -
    Unleash a burst of power to damage near by enemys

    (Taoist) Advanced Soul Fire Ball –
    Further Training for the Taoists Soul Fire Ball, With upgraded magic power Advanced Soul Fireball is one of the Taos Strongest single targest DPS spells.

    (Taoist) Summon Spearman, Summon Archer, Summon Duelist –
    As the world has been plunged into darkness, the Taoists have started to dabble into the cursed magic of bringing back the dead. They will now be able to summon 3 New Companions that will aid them, Summon spearman will Strike the enemy from two spaces away, Summon Archer will fire arrows from a distance and the Duelist is the most skilled for leveling as it is able to move at lightning speed attacking all enemies around him, yet I wouldn’t advise taking him into PVP.
    I will be continuing to add new spells to the game as the game progresses, as I feel a huge part of the game is learning new spells and increasing the size of your spell book. Giving you the chance to customise your character and become unique.

    (Taoist) SoulBond (Passive)
    SoulBond is a Passive spell that fuses the Taoists Mind, Body & Soul. This improves their Top end MAC & SC Passively.

    (Wizard) Eye Of Destruction –
    The Wizard has started learning into the Depths of Dark Magic, this means the Class is starting to uncover new spells. The Eye of destruction is an ranged spell that causes havoc in a 3×3 Radius.

    (Wizard) Foresight (Passive)

    The Wizard gazes into the future, gaining Agility and Armour against its opponents attacks.

    New Areas:-

    White Valley:- Level 45+ Recommended Area

    Ice Phantom, Snow Wolf, SnowYeti, Frozen Archer, Frozen Fighter, Frozen Golem

    FrozenWarewolf – Veryfast moving boss with lightning attack speed

    Caves: IceCavern, Arctic Labyrinth

    Ice Cavern:- Level 45+ Recommended Cave

    Crystal Wraith, Crystal Spirit

    Sub Boss:
    Crystal Behemoth

    Crystal Emperor

    Arctic Labyrinth:- 45+ Recommended Cave

    Arctic Yeti, Arctic Guardian, Arctic Statue, Arctic Bowman

    Boss: Kindred Spirit

    Shaolin Village:- Level 40+ Recommended Area

    Mushuru Warrior, Mushuru Ember Dancer, Mushuru Fighter, Mushuru Champions

    Sub Boss:

    Caves: Shaolin Monastary

    Shaolin Monastary:- Level 40+ Recommended Cave

    Shaolin Leaper, Shaolin Hungerer, Shaolin Ward

    Elemental King

    Forgotten City:- Level 42+ Recommended Area

    Keel Warrior, Keel Archer

    Caves: Aztec Temple, Outlaw Temple, Turtle Path

    Aztec Temple:- Level 43+ Recommended Cave

    Aztec Shadowfiend, Aztec Magi, Aztec Harvester, Aztec Warmongerer

    Aztec Araela

    Outlaw Temple:- Level 43+ Recommended Cave

    Outlaw Sorcerer, Outlaw Archer, Outlaw Warrior, Outlaw Mage

    Sub Boss:
    Fel Beast

    Outlaw Commander

    Turtle Path:- Level 43+ Recommended Cave

    Red Turtle, Blue Turtle, Dark turtle, Finial Turtle, Green Turtle, Light Turtle,
    Tower Turtle

    Sub Boss:
    Turtle Grass, Black Tortoise

    Turtle GateKeeper

    Black Dragon Dungeon Expansion!

    Extra Rooms:-
    Before the Incarnated Zuma Taurus room, you have a map with 4 Exits, previously they were unused, but now you will be able to enter them and fight 7 New bosses and plenty of new monsters. This Includes the Black Dragon King.

    Pirate Bay:- Level 40+ Recommended Area

    Monsters: Damned Pirate, Dust Pile
    Boss: Davey Jones

    Boss Rooms

    World Boss, Daily world bosses for you to fight for and kill.

    Leveling Caves:-

    There will be Leveling caves for a set price for each level, E.g. Level 20 Leveling cave, level 30 Leveling cave.
    These leveling caves will give a boost to your leveling speed but you will only be able to stay for 10 minutes.
    You can avoid paying the fee for the Leveling cave if you manage to find a EXP Token from a boss.

    Sabuk Wall:-

    The Traditional Sabuk wall has come back, Fight with your guild to either Defend sabuk wall or Attack it!
    Defending:- You have the Use of Archers, Gates and Walls. These can be repaired if destroyed or Healed and resurected if killed (See the Sabuk Conquest Master). Defend the Castle for one hour without letting a enemy member take control on the Palace will ensure your victory and allow you to keep Sabuk Wall for yourself.

    Attacking:- Your aim will be to break down the Palace gates, Kill the defending archers so your Guilds Wizards and lower health members can get through, storm the castle and kill every enemy member.

    Awakening will be a prime part of Affinity, you will need to gather Souls and Glyphs in order to awaken your items, this can give bonus attributes to your Primary Items, such as Weapons, Armours and Helmets.

    Craft Unique or Rare items for your benefit! They have increased stats and have a brilliant new look! This means you can show off your “Rare” or “Unique” Items, Refine, Craft & Upgrade your items!

    Common, Rare, Legendary, Mythic Items:
    I have specifically picked out which Items are in each category, meaning that they are scaled on level of rareness. For example, if you get a Rare item, It will be Rare.


    Mining is also a big part of the game, I have added new ores and items to the typical ores that you’re used to, also including new mining zones. In the mining zones, you will be able to harvest new types of metal, these will be used for crafting new weapons and upgrading weapons. Some rare pieces are heard to awaken Ancient Items.

    Guide Map:-

    I have chosen to spend time on creating new Mini-maps that give directions to players for what level the next zone is, so that they can get an idea of what places they should be going to.

    Guild Buffs:
    We have added a vast range of guild buffs to the guild options, that are unlocked as you level the guild. To do so, you must be grouped with your guild members as you gain experience points.

    Custom Commands:
    @Home – Teleports you to Bichon (Level 7 Required)
    @Store – Teleports you to Bichon Storage (Level 7 Required)

    @KillPet - Will Kill your pets on Demand
    @loverrecall - Will recall your Partner, if you have a Completed Wedding Ring

    Legendary Kits:

    Cursed, Eternal, Ascended

    These items will drop from every boss and sub boss ingame, But the chances aren’t as good as you’d hope! But anyone has the chance to kill them, even a low level killing a Oma Warrior. So everyone has the chance to obtain the wonderous Legendary Items

    We look forward to seeing you ingame!


    Legend of Mir: Affinity AscendancyTeam

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    Affinity Expansion Date: Coming Soon

    Website: Affinity Mir

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    This thread is reserved for updates from the server owner(s) only. Do not post here.

    If you wish to discuss this server or need technical support, please use the dedicated Discussion Threadfound in the Server Discussion section.

    Link Below for Server Discussion

    Click Here
    I'm not lazy,I'm energy efficient!

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    I Will post a continued list of updates here,

    Quality of Life Changes 24/08/2016


    Affinity Mir Twitter


    Server Update 30/08/2016


    Affinity Support System


    Patch 03/09/2016


    Affinity Server Upgrade


    ---------- Post Merged at 07:57 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 07:57 PM ----------

    New Client Downloader plus Development Server EXE


    ---------- Post Merged on 06-09-2016 at 04:26 AM ---------- Previous Post was on 03-09-2016 at 07:57 PM ----------

    Oasis... Coming Soon.

    Full Client Download : Click Here!

    Join us at www.affinitymir.com

    We look forward to seeing you ingame

    ---------- Post Merged on 08-09-2016 at 04:20 PM ---------- Previous Post was on 06-09-2016 at 04:26 AM ----------

    Other Updates:-

    Armour Exchange NPC (Swap Male to Female Armours and vice versa at a cost)

    Eye of Destruction Loses 1 Second on its cooldown per level.

    Slashing Burst Cool down dropped slightly

    Level 50 Items given new Stats

    Mir Items given New Stats

    Teleporters in Bichon changed into 1 NPC rather than 2 split NPC's

    Teleporter added to The Great Wood.

    Imperial warden moved to bottom left of safezone rather than above the Invasion NPC.

    Potions on the floor are now smaller items

    Monsters being updated with sounds (Paralord now has a sound, Warewolf etc.)

    Boss Spawns Shouts have been removed, will only shout when they die.

    Leveling Cave Prices changed
    Level 20 = 100k
    Level 30 = 250k
    Level 40 = 1 Million
    Level 45 = 2 Million

    Newbie Start Quests given EXP Reward & Gold Reward

    Mob Level difference Removed, so grouping is made easier.

    Evil Mir De-Level time decreased.

    Outside Caves Daily Quests (Gold Questlines have been given correct rewards)
    We look forward to seeing you ingame!

    The Event will last 2 weeks!

    Server online now!

    ---------- Post Merged at 07:14 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 04:20 PM ----------

    Client EXE Mirror Download

    (Can autopatch full client by using this too)

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    Affinity Expansion Date: Coming Soon

    Website: Affinity Mir

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    Summer Event Still on!

    56 Players online Right now!

    Join the fun!

    Affinity Expansion Date: Coming Soon

    Website: Affinity Mir

    Autopatcher Download

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    Hi all,
    A new player support ticket system has been launched on our website. Any and all support requests must be accompanied by a ticket so we can help you in the most efficient manner possible.


    Me and Azzi thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you in game.

    Affinity Mir Co-Founder.

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    70 Players currently online.

    Can you take on "The Weaver"?

    Join today at www.affinitymir.com

    Affinity Expansion Date: Coming Soon

    Website: Affinity Mir

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    Quote Originally Posted by MirinBrah View Post
    Game does not work for me
    I cannot private message you, raise a support ticket on the website and I will speak to you through there.

    Send me your Mir2Config details so i can see if theres any errors there

    ---------- Post Merged on 12-09-2016 at 01:12 PM ---------- Previous Post was on 11-09-2016 at 08:26 PM ----------

    Hello everyone,

    Quick update from me, We have now recruited a 3rd member to our team, who will solely be working on the coding. Which leaves us with 3 Members on the team total, meaning every aspect should now be managed easily.

    We would like you all to welcome lVlerlin to the team.

    We will be looking at getting more features and updates coming in the next few months. All content will go through a structured development process which will involve testing stages, so when content gets to you. It will be fully tested and ready to go.

    We hope you are enjoying the server so far.

    Enjoy and play nice!

    ---------- Post Merged on 15-09-2016 at 06:00 PM ---------- Previous Post was on 12-09-2016 at 01:12 PM ----------

    Affinity Mir Latest Game Updates 15/09/2016

    These changes will come into effect on the next reboot which will happen at 3pm GMT on 15/09/2016.

      • Special Armours Stats have been updated
      • Storage cap now increased from 80 to 160 slots, you may purchase the extra 80 slots for 20,000,000 gold.
      • Frozen Sabre appearance has changed
      • Sabuk Wall is Back, tested and tweaked and ready for some action!
      • Hell Keeper & Outlaw Commander have had their attacks changed.
      • World Boss will have its own room which opens at 10PM til 11PM every night!
      • World Boss drops have been improved
      • World Shouts
        1. Sunken will shout when the cave is opening and closing
        2. Sabuk Wall will now shout when the War Begins, Ends and a hour before it starts
        3. World Bosses will announce when they are open for the taking
        4. Last Man Standing will announce when opening and also with results

      • Advanced Soul Fire Ball – Damage reduction
      • Legendary Craftsman: slight update on what he can craft

    (For those of you that don’t know, there is a Crafting Quest inside Crafting Village, It is very long and difficult but it will have a LIVE updated script to craft items at the end of the quest. Enjoy!)

    • SunPotion stacking changed to 1 Sun Potion Stack
    • Regular Potion stacking changed to 9999+
    • Monster Arena has been revamped, some classes were finding it too easy to get from 1-50, so we’ve made it harder from round 35 on wards, are you up to the challenge?
    • Level 45 Wiz / Tao weapons now increase as the Burst Sword does at level 50
    • Newbies buff will be back at level 40 Instead of 45 once the Summer Event Part 1 is Over, they will get to keep the EXP boost but only able to get into the newbie guild until 40
    • Awakening NPC updated with information as to chances of success and the risks of your item getting destroyed
    • The Core Monsters EXP improved & AI Bug fixed, no mounts allowed to run it anymore
    • Bridles have been fully removed from the game – Anyone who currently has one they will disappear
    • And like that… They were gone! Shells and rubber rings have been removed due to the end of Part 1 of the summer event
    • Mir Items Level changed to 50 Instead of 52
    • Overall PVP damage will be reduced by 25% to increase survivability and for fights to last longer.
    • Ever felt like you wanted to donate to the guild funds while your hunting? Well now you can! Restrictions to donating gold to the guild funds from only SafeZone have now been removed.
    • In the Windows Volume Mixer you used to be unable to turn the Volume down for the Mir Client, due to a large Image covering it. Thats now shrunk to the size its supposed to be.

    World Announcements
    They will announce as follows :

    Sabuk Wall :
    1hr 30min 10min Start 10 Min finish
    19:00 – 19:30 – 19:50 – 20:00 – 20:50
    Aswell as when a guild captures the palace.

    Sunken :
    1hr 30min 10min Start 10 Min before finish
    15:00 – 15:30 – 15:50 – 16:00 – 21:50

    Last Man Standing :
    1hr 30min 10min 2Min
    19:00 – 19:30 – 19:50 – 20:00

    World Boss :
    10min Start 10 Min before finish
    21:50 – 22:00 – 22:50

    Sabuk Wall Fixes
    Before you were unable to repair the walls, archers or gate of Sabuk Wall. Now you can, we have completely fixed the process enabling easy use for Sabuk Owners to manage their walls and troops.

    You are now able to break down the gates, fight the archers and destroy the walls. Once destroying the walls its a fight to the death within Sabuk Wall. No more question man!

    Members can now freely walk in and out of the Sabuk Wall Palace removing the need for the @Sabuk command we previously had.

    ---------- Post Merged on 18-09-2016 at 10:19 PM ---------- Previous Post was on 15-09-2016 at 06:00 PM ----------

    Updates 18/09/2016

    Content, Items & Stats

    • Sand Tomb – A brand new Soloable Cave in Oasis!
    • Sabuk Wall – Fixes implemented for Walls, Shouts Auto Scheduling (thanks for your patience with this one!)
    • Warriors Base Stats improved
    • ADVSFB – Damage increased
    • Xiao Armour – Stat change
    • Crystal Items – Stat change
    • Heaven Items – Stat change
    • Agony Items – Stat change
    • OmaKingRobe – Stat change
    • CrystalArmour – Stat change
    • HeavenArmour – Stat change
    • Hell Keeper Drops and strength improved
    • Revamp on Gold Chest Drops – Will not drop so often from Gods / World Bosses / Mir King
    • Guild Limit changed to 15 Members Total.
    • Signpost moved to Bichon SafeZone – Updated with Commands and Updates

    Boss Shouts

    • Gods
    • Paralord
    • Cursed Legionaire
    • Phantom
    • Mir King
    • The Weaver
    • Turtle Gate Keeper

    Part 3 of the Event

    Unstable reaction
    s –
    Every 4 hours an Unstable Reaction will occur materialising additional Eggs all over the provinces again, it’s strange but they seem to occur at regular intervals, almost like the build up of a surge of power, charging up maybe?!

    These won’t have such good drop files as the Unstable Magic Reaction has warped them slightly.
    You will be able to regain Shells and tokens from the Eggs and have gain EXP to go alongside them.
    They only spawn every 4 hours, so get them while their hot!
    Win Some Free Coins!

    GameMasters will log into the game and do a “Collection” Event, Meaning all players will have to find X Items, then find the GM and hand them in to win the Prize.

    The Sand Tomb

    ---------- Post Merged on 22-09-2016 at 10:09 PM ---------- Previous Post was on 18-09-2016 at 10:19 PM ----------

    Updates 22/09/2016

    General Changes & Balancing

    • Critical Damage Removed (This may be temporary, seeing how it does in the LIVE scenario without it)
    • Game shop Prices changed so people aren't buying multiple drop pots etc per day (With gold) These things should have a little effort to be worked for not just an easy buyout.
    • Firewall Scaling Changed
    • Changed the Scaling between level 48 items to level 50 items stats, now flows better.
    • Increased Wall / Gate Strength and Archer Health/Damage
    • Crystal Items stats changed
    • MassHealing - Healing Regen amount increased as well as the MP usage, the higher level the skill and players level the more it'll cost as well as bigger the HealingPool.
    • MudGolems and Rhinos levels changed in SandTomb - Sub Boss Level changed
    • More Transforms in Gameshop (Give no benefit just a styling look - Available for Credits only)
    • Defensive Potions added to Gameshop

    Sabuk Wall Fixes

    • Sabuk Wall Gates / Walls (Destroying out of war Fixed)
    • Sabuk Wall Shouts Fixed
    • Disabled the use of FireWall within the InnerWall (SabukWar) whilst at war.

    User Interface Improvements

    • Added HP & MP recovery indicators these can be turned off via config file using True or False or Option menu ingame. Find it under [Custom] HPHeal=False & MPHeal=False
    • Separated HIT & Crit indicators
    • Added a basic Filter System for system messages. Find them within Mir2Config.ini under [Custom] They are as follows:
      • ShowGainEXP=False Gaining EXP
      • ShowBonusEXP=False Gaining Bonus EXP
      • ShowGainLevel=False GainLevel
      • ShowTooFar=False Target is too far
      • ShowCannotCast=False Cannot cast skill
      • ShowNotEnoughMP=False Not enough MP
      • ShowItemDropped=False Drop Item
      • ShowGoldGained=False Gold gained
      • ShowCreditGained=False Credit(s) gained

    Affinity Expansion Date: Coming Soon

    Website: Affinity Mir

    Autopatcher Download

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    not working m8 ? server on ? says ... cant connect to server

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    Quote Originally Posted by lorand View Post
    not working m8 ? server on ? says ... cant connect to server
    Server is online,

    Please ensure you Mir2Config.ini says this








    ServerName=Affinity Ascension

    If there is a Mir2test.ini in there, overwrite it with this aswell, or delete it.

    Any problems, give me a private message.
    Affinity Expansion Date: Coming Soon

    Website: Affinity Mir

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    i copy pasted , and now ... attempting to connect to server ... attempt 1 2 3 .. nowt .. damn

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    Fairly good server but no end game, turns into a boss only hunt once you reach levels 45+
    EXP rates seem great until you get above 45 so you can speed to 40+ hit 45 then it becomes slow and 48+ is a joke.

    There is no good solo hunting spots when you reach 48+ unless you have the best kit to or have a good group to hunt with all the time.

    The latest event has ruined things a bit with it lasting 2 weeks but only 4 days being fun, basically the quest should have been done in reverse so the best was last.

    Time to move on...

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    Any news on when the content update and soft cap will be raised? Getting a lil slow/bored now

    edit: sharp response from GM told update post is coming later or tomorrow
    Last edited by Cab; 29-09-2016 at 08:17 PM.

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    Ancients Unsealed Patch

    Patch Date 04/10/2016
    Patch Time: 12:00PM (GMT) UK Mid Day
    Patch Duration: 1 to 2 Hours.
    Expected Up-Time: 14:00PM (GMT) UK Hours

    Last Man Standing:-

    Smaller map to Engage more players to fight for it.

    Treasure Island:-

    Change Treasure bunny to..

    Teleport to Treasure Island - Find the Real Treasure Bunny.

    (1 Player Allowed in at a time with a 1 Hour time limit to find the Real Bunny.


    Added a few Extra "Rare" Ores to the mining slots so gives people more reason to go mining.

    Magical Cavern:-

    Change Magical Cavern (Add more instances through the night too)

    - Add More Time Slots (12 Midnight - 1AM) (6AM-7AM)

    - Add a Sub / Main boss on each floor (Low and High) - Can drop Awakening stuff

    New Items

    Item sets for Level

    - 51 Item Set

    - 52 Item Set

    - 54 Item Set

    - 55 Item Set


    There will be a total of 46 New quests.

    These will include Level 48 Daily W.A.N.T.E.D Quests,
    and Daily Cave Quests

    Ancients Unsealed Caves

    Ancient Prajna Temple (42-45)
    Ancient Bug Cave (42-45)
    Ancient Zuma Temple (44-47)
    Ancient Turtles (49-52)
    Ancient BDD (50+)
    Ancient Fox Cave (50+)

    Ancient Items

    Ancient Oma Cave Items - (15-22)
    Ancient Wooma Temple Items - (22-33)
    Ancient Stone Tomb Items - (33-40)
    Ancient Prajna Temple Items - (42-45)
    Ancient Bug Cave Items - (42-45)
    Ancient Zuma Temple Items - (44-47)
    Ancient Turtles Items - (49-52)
    Ancient BDD Items - (50+)
    Ancient Fox Items - AncientFox, AncientGreat Fox - (50+)

    Code Changes
    Fixed the double announce for Start of Sabuk War.
    Fixed the Sabuk War end shout time.
    Fixed the Sabuk War shouts if no war is Scheduled
    Added a button for adding credits in game (it'll open your default browser  and direct you to the payment page)
    Removed the option to pay with Gold & Credits to allow selected payment  type (just tick the desired currency on the GameShop interface  You CANNOT  buy for Credits & Gold anymore, it's one or the other)
    Tao Pets AC/AMC and Health will increase with Players Level and SC
    TwinDrakeBlade damage increased when the target is using Magic Shield  (Ignore shield by x %)
    Improved interface on Character View (Other player view) now able to see  what the buttons do (Mail, Trade, Add to group, Add to friends)
    PowerField sound has been changed and frame rate has been improved.
    Destruction Burst frame rate has been improved.
    Wizard Clone will now cast FlameField (much weaker than that of a players)
    Healing Totem - Taoist skill, much like a pet however will disappear after x  seconds, the effects will be healing effect and small buff providing you  and/or alleys are within x area.
    ---------- Post Merged on 02-10-2016 at 11:58 PM ---------- Previous Post was on 30-09-2016 at 07:18 PM ----------

    Last edited by azzi; 30-09-2016 at 07:24 PM.
    Affinity Expansion Date: Coming Soon

    Website: Affinity Mir

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    used to love

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    Re: Legend Of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy

    server down now ?

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