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Thread: Reloadnpc

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    Has the ability to reload NPC scripts ingame been removed in GSP? The command @reloadnpc doesn't appear to work.... or has it been renamed like other commands have?
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    Re: Reloadnpc

    Edit - whoops wrong files lol

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    Re: Reloadnpc

    Quote Originally Posted by Judges View Post
    Has the ability to reload NPC scripts ingame been removed in GSP? The command @reloadnpc doesn't appear to work.... or has it been renamed like other commands have?
    i think its removed, but here i post you the list of commands for GSP (they're default commands)

    <VALUE ID="22" STRING_TEXT="BlockWhispers" TYPE="Command" />                <VALUE ID="23" STRING_TEXT="BlockWhispers" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="24" STRING_TEXT="AllowWhispers" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="25" STRING_TEXT="AllowWhispers" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="26" STRING_TEXT="Ignore" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="27" STRING_TEXT="BlockYells" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="28" STRING_TEXT="IgnoreYells" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="29" STRING_TEXT="BlockTrades" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="30" STRING_TEXT="JoinaGuild" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="31" STRING_TEXT="AllowGuildAlliance" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="32" STRING_TEXT="Alliance" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="33" STRING_TEXT="BreakAlliance" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="34" STRING_TEXT="LeaveaGuild" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="35" STRING_TEXT="IgnoreGuildChat" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="36" STRING_TEXT="BlockGuildChat" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="37" STRING_TEXT="diary" TYPE="Script" />
                    <VALUE ID="38" STRING_TEXT="AttackMode" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="39" STRING_TEXT="SummonHorse" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="40" STRING_TEXT="Giddyup" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="41" STRING_TEXT="Whoa" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="42" STRING_TEXT="Rest" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="43" STRING_TEXT="SabukKeepGate" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="44" STRING_TEXT="Move" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="45" STRING_TEXT="Locate" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="46" STRING_TEXT="BlockSummons" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="47" STRING_TEXT="AllowSummons" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="48" STRING_TEXT="BlockResurrections" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="49" STRING_TEXT="AllowResurrections" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="50" STRING_TEXT="Summon" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="51" STRING_TEXT="Open" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="52" STRING_TEXT="Close" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="53" STRING_TEXT="Absolution" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="54" STRING_TEXT="ShowPKpt" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="55" STRING_TEXT="IncPKpt" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="56" STRING_TEXT="LuckChange" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="57" STRING_TEXT="Learn" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="58" STRING_TEXT="Unlearn" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="59" STRING_TEXT="ChangeClass" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="60" STRING_TEXT="ChangeGender" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="61" STRING_TEXT="Path" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="62" STRING_TEXT="Spawn" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="63" STRING_TEXT="RemoveItem" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="64" STRING_TEXT="Move" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="65" STRING_TEXT="FreeMove" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="66" STRING_TEXT="Level" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="67" STRING_TEXT="MonLevel" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="68" STRING_TEXT="MonCount" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="69" STRING_TEXT="Boot" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="70" STRING_TEXT="Relocate" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="71" STRING_TEXT="RelocateAll" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="72" STRING_TEXT="BanChat" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="73" STRING_TEXT="UnbanChat" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="74" STRING_TEXT="ListBanned" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="75" STRING_TEXT="GM" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="76" STRING_TEXT="Zone" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="77" STRING_TEXT="Invis" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="78" STRING_TEXT="recall" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="79" STRING_TEXT="SummonMon" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="80" STRING_TEXT="BringMon" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="81" STRING_TEXT="God" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="82" STRING_TEXT="UserCount" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="83" STRING_TEXT="AdjustLevel" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="84" STRING_TEXT="DuelPoints" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="85" STRING_TEXT="DuelStart" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="86" STRING_TEXT="DuelEnd" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="87" STRING_TEXT="AnnounceDuelPoints" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="88" STRING_TEXT="Make" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="89" STRING_TEXT="RemoveGold" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="90" STRING_TEXT="AddGold" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="91" STRING_TEXT="OnlinePlayerCount" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="92" STRING_TEXT="Goto" TYPE="Command" />
                    <VALUE ID="93" STRING_TEXT="Luck" TYPE="Command" />
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