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    Selling Baron InFlames!

    removed, thanks ;]
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    Re: Selling Baron InFlames!

    I approve this transfer on my server for who wants to buy

    Also make sure you know the transfer fee is 30%
    - Zentaur X Game Client + Server ( File type C# ) ( Closed Source )
    - Beta Testing : Registration site coming soon
    - Using latest Mir3 Graphic Library
    - Job System ( Fishing, WoodCutting, ForestKeeper, PearlHunter, Mining )
    - Alchemy
    ( Existent Accounts from Holley Version will merge ( move ) on the new files )

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    Re: Selling Baron InFlames!

    permission not needed secure your server dumbass...................enjoy
    DONT BE STUPID If something is illegal dont do it... especially when its Protected by a Country. Some Professionals must have the Clearance to see my File. Now my Cancer is in that File.

    And dont publish something any Government Can SEE Plainly

    DONT ASK you dont have the Clearance, nor the FBI

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    Re: Selling Baron InFlames!

    Quote Originally Posted by spartekas View Post
    permission not needed secure your server dumbass...................enjoy
    @spartekas, You complain when Zedina responds to you with comments like this. Pot call the kettle black don't you think?

    so give over.


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