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    Phantom forrest afk..

    Selling Baron InFlames!

    removed, thanks ;]
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    Re: Selling Baron InFlames!

    I approve this transfer on my server for who wants to buy

    Also make sure you know the transfer fee is 30%
    - Zentaur X Game Client + Server ( File type C# ) ( Closed Source )
    - Beta Testing : 25 August 2017
    - Using latest Mir3 Graphic Library
    - Job System ( Fishing, WoodCutting, ForestKeeper, PearlHunter, Mining )
    - Alchemy
    ( Existent Accounts from Holley Version will merge ( move ) on the new files )

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    Re: Selling Baron InFlames!

    permission not needed secure your server dumbass...................enjoy
    Kings med-HR SupremeUSA coming soon

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    Re: Selling Baron InFlames!

    Quote Originally Posted by spartekas View Post
    permission not needed secure your server dumbass...................enjoy
    @spartekas, You complain when Zedina responds to you with comments like this. Pot call the kettle black don't you think?

    so give over.


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