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    Re: Nemesis 100% Euro Client/Stats

    server could be fun, needs more people, quest rewards could do with a tweak after the first 2, exp needs to be less of a grind.
    other then that im enjoying it

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    Re: Nemesis 100% Euro Client/Stats

    Quote Originally Posted by blade6742 View Post
    You cant rent a para. its only given out by GM`s. but nice that you read the instructions carefully lol
    to be fair there were no instructions explaining that at the time of his post, only "visit forum for more information" which lead you to your paypal page lol. Even if GM gives the para out, it's still the same concept and he's just expressing the fact that he doesn't want to play a p2w server is all

    hope it goes well for you though

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    Re: Nemesis 100% Euro Client/Stats

    I like this server...no bugs and things like that.it is the true legend of mir

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    Re: Nemesis 100% Euro Client/Stats

    seems like your website is down m8

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    Re: Nemesis 100% Euro Client/Stats

    Coming back up soon?

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    Thumbup Re: Nemesis 100% Euro Client/Stats

    Like Old times just a bit lonely! Great server! I was lagging but that was windows 10 issues.

    To fix win 10 issues.
    Run in compatability mode for win7

    Install directx 9c: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/down...ils.aspx?id=35
    then Use: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxg...e=typ_redirect
    once installed, open and tick the top box (emulate Direct 3D immediate)

    then run the Mir3 Launcher and untick window mode.

    UPDATE: The above only worked for a while. I'm using a i7 with an Nvidia graphics card on win 10.

    Go to Device manager find your graphics card and disable your Primary Graphics card i.e Nvidia or ATI

    Works great now.

    Hope this server stays up for a long time
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    Re: Nemesis 100% Euro Client/Stats

    Domain is expired is all
    URL is now

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    Re: Nemesis 100% Euro Client/Stats

    Quote Originally Posted by petesn00beh View Post
    I've said it before but nobody replied, has anyone tried using a VM running a previous version of windows to run Mir3 on Windows 10?
    Yes... I've setup my own and about 20 other peoples to work; different people get different results on VMs though.. some PCs love it some hate it.

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