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    Post Affinity Server Information

    Legend of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy is an adapted version of the original Legend Of Mir: 2.

    The Server has expansive list of custom updates and is run on the our own version of the Crystal Mir 2 Source

    There are 3 Classes currently to choose from, Warrior, Wizard or Taoist. Each have their unique benefits and downfalls to choosing each class. But do not count the Archer or the Assassin out just yet, I will be looking to reconstruct the classes to give my own unique twist to them. But they will not be available until a future Expansion Update.

    Join a Guild or Group up with friends to conquer harder dungeons!

    The EXP has been customised but if it were to be given a place it would be a Medium Rate.
    There is plenty of custom content with over 250,000 Monsters Spawning, of which 200,000 of them are custom. Some of these monsters have their own AIís which allow them to attack and maneuver different to usual monsters.

    Bosses will be a challenge with both their AIís to give them a few surprises during fights and their strength. The bosses will be a challenge for a group but of course there will be plenty of bosses for the solo player.

    Questing will have a big impact on Legend of Mir: Affinity Ascendancy as there is so many that you are able to do amongst the group quests, daily quests, daily cave quests and special quests. You will have something to do every single day.

    The current magic library has been updated with brand new spell images to give a new flare to the game making feel less ďthe sameĒ.

    Server Specifications:
    Currently :
    Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00Ghz
    32 GB RAM
    Windows 2012 R2 64 Bit
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    UK Hosted Dedicated Server

    After Affinity Ascension Isles Expansion we will be changing to:

    Intel Core i7-6700 @ 4.00Ghz
    64 GB RAM
    Windows 2012 R2 64 Bit



    Client Download Page
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