Ready to start playing Affinity Mir?

Download our autopatcher, create a new folder called Affinity Mir and place the downloaded files into that folder (You’ll need to unzip/extract them into the folder) then run the Client.exe file with Administrator privelleges to ensure it can successfully update its configuration files. Voilla, your ready to create an account, your first character and embark on your adventures in Affinity Mir!

Client EXE

Black Screen Issues

If you get a black screen when launching the game please try the following before contacting support.

Please first ensure that you have the following libraries from Microsoft installed:

If you do not have these installed then you will often get a black screen with additional error logs in the error.txt file when trying to run the game client.

1. Microsoft DirectX Runtime: < — (The runtime library is recommended to be used instead of the SDK, thanks to James for the heads up on this one!)

2. Microsoft DirectX SDK Including Frameworks 2.5 + 3.5. –

3. Microsoft .net Framework 4.5: