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    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords

    His dad is bigger than your dad, though.

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    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords

    Quote Originally Posted by KillerMan View Post
    I've tried contacting you on your forums personal profile several times, however I was unable to.

    My complaint is as follows:

    I'm going to get to the point of the matter. In forums I was debating with (user) regarding how overpowered (class) are and how I have personally witnessed him killing bosses with ease. My personal opinion was attempting to ensure all classes are more balanced in PVE and in no way was an attack towards him/her or anybody else in that matter.

    From my understanding he has spoken to you directly through whatsapp and you've not only used your powers to discover my IP but also used that information to determine which account I am playing and passed that information to (user). That is violation of Data protection Act which clearly states data should be 'used for limited, specifically stated purposes'.

    I have no problem of disclosing who I was in-game if anybody in forums did indeed ask, instead he decided to go and contact you off-online through whatsapp and you've used your powers in an injustice manner. Although, this information may not necessary be significant in nature, it's the act, itself which clearly represents your morals and ethics. The underlining question is how could anybody trust you with their personal information if you're going to reveal it to a third-party whose your friend?

    I would like an satisfying, justified reasoning behind your motivate. Please contact me through forums, since you can use this information to determine who I am.

    Once he has read it could moderator please delete this post? Thank you.
    Ah. Well I can assure you for a start I, don't WhatsApp anyone from Mir. Farage is right, this sort of thing happens all the time, people can say what they want it doesn't make it true. You were simply phished. I am assuming you have history with said person and they realised who you were.

    I still don't know who you are, forum or in game, and certainly did not give anyone your character name.

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    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords

    Quote Originally Posted by Xele View Post
    When I played Arcadia a lot of people were using cheat engine, even those among my own guild. It went on for a couple of weeks but a patch rolled out that stopped cheat engine along with ACPI etc. From what I remember you can't go past a certain speed and after playing the beta I felt like that a standard un-tweaked windows 10 was pretty smooth.
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