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    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords

    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient View Post
    Are you on Windows 10 by chance? And is the Xbox app thing installed still? Odd question I know, but bear with me...

  2. Happy Sever
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    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords

    same as ancient, goes from white to black, im on windows 7 and dont have any xbox stuff on here.

    however i thought i found a fix myself last night, i changed the blendalpha, which was set to 150 but changed to 50... tried logging on full screen and worked, but tried again this afternoon and back to white screen!

    thanks tho

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    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords

    the windows for writing stuff in at account creation or character creation dont show on mine or are very intermittent
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    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords

    Quote Originally Posted by Adv View Post
    No gold exploits here afaik. You won't like it anyway.

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    Oh hey look its the guy that retracts paypal statements, glad I don't have that scumbag of a reputation. Also if it was someone else's fault (which you will probably say) then why hasn't LOMCN cleared your name yet? Still living in the past trying to stir some things up just to have a back and forth on this forum post to keep this thread relevant so more people will play this and not the server you currently are playing, you are def not one of the brightest crayon in the box.

    Also to be fair, at some point somewhere in some game we all have exploited so get off your high horse lol. Also, Azzi and I have already talked and made amends so no one actually cares what you have to say... Sorry but the truth hurts.

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    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords

    Check your screen refresh rate in your res option in windows. i had this problem uninstalled my drivers reinstalled them then checked everything over and my res was set to 29hz for some reason, changed to 60hz and it plays full screen..
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