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    Re: Any1 know where we can buy Good files

    Sure, choose 2 servers who have been well established for years. Of course they're not going to give up their custom coded features for a base set of files. Or you could include the other 10+ Who have been built using crystal over old files.

    Afaik Jamie doesn't like crystal because he doesn't like the official direction I went.

    I can't argue that ranged can hit easier. I put most of that down to lag free clients which Delphi doesn't offer. Marbles files offer nothing different except Jamie's tweaked hit boxes and stun mechanic, I fail to see how that makes crystal a failed set.

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    Re: Any1 know where we can buy Good files

    Seems a bit drastic to write them off to such an extent as you seem have just because of that sole reason. What other reasons do you believe the files are so terribly and utterly dire?

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    Re: Any1 know where we can buy Good files

    The C# files might not be everyone's cup of tea but you have to give huge credit to Jamie for starting them and huge credit to Far primarily and others too for keeping the project going as far as it did.
    The problem with the C# files is that they were too easy to set up and reached a stage where everyone was putting their ideas into the mix which diverted Far and coders away from the main thrust of the files in making a Korean equivalent set. The ease of setup encouraged many wannabe server operators to start and release servers. Fixing bugs found on these servers and other coding specific to them eventually halted the main core code and releases which then left the server operators alone to fix any bugs.

    Problems like ease of range attack could possibly be solved with sensible discussion between knowledgeable players and top coders rather than players simply slagging off server operators who are probably incapable of coding anyway.
    One possibility might be to have a ratio of decreasing accuracy versus distance or MC/Damage versus distance. Just a thought.

    On the black screen issue, I had it at work today when I updated the Marble files. All I had was the mouse icon. I pressed alt tab to get back to the desktop. As the black screen minimized, I saw the mir screen minimize. Clicking the mir icon on the taskbar brought the game back up and no black screen !

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