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    Re: MIR2 HAPPY SERVER ( Archer Hero 100% Implementation ) Server Name: HAPPY Server F


    Originally Posted by mir2pion
    You need this free program to unpack the downloaded file with .egg extension. The download is not the typical .rar archive but rather exotic .egg that I take it is used out in the East...

    Luckily the program is easy to get and install, they even give you the serial. When installing, for 'file types' checkmark only the egg extension if you don't want to use this program for all archives henceforth.
    Choose 'Extract to' a folder as is offered in right click menu, so the files don't spill into directory in which you are extracting.
    BTW the download is 3.53GB, unpacked size is 9.5GB including some small size added by the autopatcher.

    I repacked the client with winrar and uploaded it to my mediafire storage if you don't care to install the egg archive program but you will have to download again.
    Its got 336 downloads as of now which at 3GB is about 1TB of traffic, mediafire is definitely a good place to host files. However only some 72+ pple actually logged onto a game (+ because somebody put up other English guild but I think they have few members, probably total that logged on first day is ~80, LOMCN guild has 72 souls of which only several folks play, most stayed several days only, some just that first day.
    And I must say I got miffed by the large amount of robots which means actual players on the server are much smaller number than what the server counts reports. Mind you the robots are not a problem as in running into them or that they take away something from you, just that if you don't run one, you likely can't compete with the crowd.
    Last time I logged on shortly after server reboot, I lost drive to play, at least giving it a serious go, seeing those robots, especially seeing many english char names among them. It is still a good server to play if you don't have insular mentality, that is don't get upset by the korean lingo which is still not translated to the extent it should be, I'd say it is more for accomplished mir2 players that usually make it to the top on most servers.

    On that 'AlTools' site they give away not only that archive program (which does all other arch. formats btw) but also picture display program ALSee which I found quite nifty (normally I use Irfanview).
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