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    Post Happy Server BreakThrough Guide

    This NPC Located at 344:270 in Bichon

    After Translating to English

    How to BreakThrough
    Item to Breakthrough Goes in Slot 1, Must put 1 item in slot 2, then you can put 4 more in to increase the rate up to 50% then click the button below

    How to Reset
    Just put the Already Breakthrough item in slot 1 then click the button

    Stats that can be added:-

    Accessories = Dc/Mc/Sc Amc/Ac As/Agi/Acc Luck(Neck Only)

    Armor = Amc/Ac Agi/Acc Hp/Mp

    Please note even thou BT can be successful the stats that have been added can be bad, best i've had is +19Mc worst is +1mc

    So i've put the item i wanted to Break through in
    Image 10.jpg

    need atleast 1 item to breakthrough
    Image 11.jpg

    then i put 4 more items in to get 50% chance
    Image 12.jpg

    then i got uber lucky and added 17mc to my ring +3% crit chance
    Image 13.jpg
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    Re: Happy Server BreakThrough Guide

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    Re: Happy Server BreakThrough Guide


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