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    Re: NewEden Low/High Rate Hybrid

    Quote Originally Posted by LightAngels View Post
    I am kind of skeptical, I want to play but my virus scanner keeps insisting that the autopatcher is a Malware, and virus ridden. Which no other program has done for me including most o f the mir's I've played. Can I get some insight lol, I am not 100% tech savy
    Mine dose the same (most likely a false positive) unless hes hacking our paypals , just add an exclusion to the folder where you have the launcher/game, you may need to redownload the launcher after

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    Re: NewEden Low/High Rate Hybrid

    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn View Post
    Use my download link, I think it's more the website it's using then the actual file,

    I can assure you that it's just the standard crystal autopatcher
    I Have replaced the link on this thread all ready with yours , like 2 days ago.

    Im pretty anti-virus scanners always pick up Mir.exe/launchers as viruses? Its a common issue isn't it?

    Mine does anyway.

    @lightangel, it's just a standard crystal autopatcher from -

    Reason you probably don't get it anymore is because 90% of the servers out their Archons/arcadia/chronicles/marble are all custom coded.

    While this is just standard crystal files

    Its well worth giving a try (if i dont say so myself), even if its not your cup of tea.

    I promise, I'm not trying to hack you. (I'm not smart enough to do that anyway).
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