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    Re: Legend of Mir - Utopia [Basic Low Rate X3] C#

    Been playing here for a week, nice alternative to Chronicles

    Server reminded me of the USA mir a bit not as anti-social and soloable as it though.

    Admin is great and quite active, and addresses issues he feels need adjusting. Have seen two big enough updates in the last week.

    Its a low rate server but quite easy to level.

    If im not busy ill give ya a help at the start if yout like, just pm me.


  2. HispaRed
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    Re: Legend of Mir - Utopia [Basic Low Rate X3] C#

    Server down ?????

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    Re: Legend of Mir - Utopia [Basic Low Rate X3] C#

    Back up, server keeps going to maximum connections and causing the server to crash, I have no idea why.

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    Re: Legend of Mir - Utopia [Basic Low Rate X3] C#

    Quote Originally Posted by Gezza View Post
    Base Server Files - will get updated.
    Exp: X3 although quests will help a lot.
    Start Level = 1
    Drops =1
    Game Shop - everything can be brought for gold! - No donations!!!
    Long term server goal and development.
    No Game Masters!

    I put this server up for my own personal enjoyment, yes i will be playing but i will have no more advantage than any other, at present the drops are base and i will make the drop files available to players also.
    Server will remain up even if no one plays, just thought i'd share with anyone that dose wish to play.

    I will work on the server but not like other server, in my own time and enjoyment, feel free to play or not

    IP :
    Hosted in France.
    Forums :
    Full client link : Download
    Latest patch : Download (only ever one patch updated 1/10/17)
    Latest Exe : Download Required to connect(Extract to the client folder.)
    Bought: past tense of "to buy".
    "Jeremy bought a new computer for 500."
    Brought: past tense of "to bring".
    "Katherine brought several bottles of wine to the party."

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    Re: Legend of Mir - Utopia [Basic Low Rate X3] C#

    Anyway, besides from from the person with a 15 year old as there profile picture trying to stir shit.. I would recommend this server. There is no where mentioned to pay real cash anywhere on this server.

    It has been online two months, any of the players that started from this time has had no issues with any involvement of real cash.

    As mentioned i have only been playing a week and have caught up with the highest so it is easy to to catch up. There is a gameshop which you can purchase tele scrolls, fishing gear and pot buffs, etc (for mir gold).

    If you need help starting off just throw me a pm. 'Hype' or 'Keggil'
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