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    Re: NLS Server Testing

    thanks for the info valhalla im going to be working on the files before i make a public server now in my own time but i got plenty of computers in my home to not worry about touching the computer that will run the server it will just be the connection speed i have that may not be upto it has i only have a 80mb connection and 20mb upload so may not be fast for a server more thne 20 people

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    Re: NLS Server Testing

    Thats a decent connection, should be more than enough for a test server just to iron things out.
    I may have a server in development, I may not have a server in development. You'll have to wait and find out.

    Sending me a PM will not get you a faster response than making a thread!

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    Re: NLS Server Testing

    Even Far didn't get pple to log on his test server (that was bare files I believe) a while back in order to load test it and it was taken offline before long.

    As been said, you'd need to knock together something for pple to toy with if only for an hour, an evening. At least something like Mecha did here

    I gave it a spin and was amazed by the atmosphere of it and it could easily had been extended to make for several hours fun instead of maybe half hour or less.

    IMO even if you run server from home, its got to be dedi anyway, that is dedicated computer and even better server computer (hardware and software running on it both server grade). But my guess is the sticking point might be your internet pipeline to it, not the server as such even if that was some ordinary PC. And my second guess is it is not a matter of high speed line up and down as it is a matter of many connections, you need some home router that can be equal to it, what most pple have at home is a joke in this regard.
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