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Poll: Zircon - Allow or disable pk drops??

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    Re: Zircon don't allow pk drops or allow??

    Oh dont i just know JustAUser, i got kicked off Jamies Zircon discord because that guy is so annoying and i was laughing at his picture on it... Yes Pottsy well done +1 for observation, Jamies taken it from "korean mir" which doesnt have pk drops, Korean mir also still have an following of over 10'000 people and is still one of the biggest games in that country that competes with WoW in their country still.

    Whole different ball game when you have that many people playing mir/no drops vs what? 100-200 people? Like stated earlier if your still playing mir for the pure PVE nostalgia then you really need to address your life. lol

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    Re: Zircon don't allow pk drops or allow??

    Quote Originally Posted by JustAUser View Post
    Pottsy is like rev killjoy from Family Guy.

    The most dried out bagel this world has ever seen.

    No pk drops and it will crumble like marble, regardless of the starting UC. It will drop.
    It's one will miss you lol, stop acting like people will.

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