DestroyMU OldSchool Season 3 Episode 1 Low Rates Server | FRESH DB 11 SEPT

DestroyMu Website

Server Time: 18:00pm

Info Server:

-Name: Destroy MuOnline
-Version: Season 3 Episode 1(Old School)
-Experience: 30x(PartyBonusXP: 35x/40x/45x)
-Drop: 40%
-Level Maxim: 400
-Elf Soldier Max Level: 300
-Bless Bug: OFF


-Dark Knight, Elf, Dark Wizard: Normal
-Magic Gladiator Level Create: LvL 220
-Dark Lord Level Create: LvL 250
-Points per level DK/ELF/SM: 5
-Points per level MG/DL = 7

In game commands:

-/str - adds free stat points to Strength
-/agi - adds free stat points to Agility
-/vit - adds free stat points to Vitality
-/ene - adds free stat points to Energy
-/cmd - adds free stat points to Command
-/pkclear (Command PK Clear Money = 10.000.000)
-/post = Activate (Command Post Level=50/Command Post Money=100.000)
-/reset = Activate
-Reset Level = 400
-Reset Stats = No
-Reset Skill = No
-Reset Inventory = No
-Reset Money = 10.000.000


-Webshop Online System
-Vote Credits System
-Exchange Hours System
-Lottery System
-Item upgrade System
-Friend Reward System
-Market System
-My Sponsor System
-Scramble Event System
-Grand Reset System
-Marry/Divorce System
-Quest Priest System
-Chaos Card Exchange System


-Castle Siege
-Carnage Event
-Evangelion Event
-Mystical Soldiers Event
-Skeleton King Event
-Blood Castle
-Golden Invasion
-Devil Square
-Chaos Castle
-CryWolf Defense
-Illusion Temple
-Happy Hours Event
-GameMaster System Event
-Lora Battle PVP Event

Jewel Rate:

-Soul Success Rate = 75%
-Soul No Luck Success Rate = 60%
-Life Success Rate = 70%

Harmony Success Rate = 50%

-Plus Item Level 10 = 95%
-Plus Item Level 11 = 85%
-Plus Item Level 12 = 75%
-Plus Item Level 13 = 65%
-Chaos Mix Rate = 80%


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Only 2 hours untill the Grand Opening, we are waiting you all to join us and start with us a new age !
See you in game !