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    Re: ~ HispaRed ~ Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Piff1 View Post
    Shut up xD i'm just saying the server's dead when the weekend event is running basically and as a noob not in that original little clan of players you can't actually do shit, i was trying to kill a Ghoul at level 25 for 25 minutes of hitting just tted and got bored and apparently these lower tier bosses and meant for leveling so i'm just stuck lol.
    Yep, agreed. Although I ain't played for a little bit, the first week I did included a weekend (believe it or not), and it felt ... just right... with the 4x, but that was starting zones so I brushed it away. I dunno, I just accepted it's not for me and moved on though. Shame as it really was pretty unique.

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    Re: ~ HispaRed ~ Discussion

    Was speaking to Andy ingame yesterday saying the same thing mate it's really unique and deserve a better user count, Andy did point out it's a Mir3 server he thinks with a real Launch and some direction for the Mir2 players it could do really well and i agree, such a shame.

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    Re: ~ HispaRed ~ Discussion


    At the request of the players we have decided to extend the Level Up Campaign for one more month, ending on January 7, 2018.

    We have also updated the prizes so that both new players and those who were already playing can have a new goal and take advantage of this promotion.

    Those are the task and the prizes that will be given after reaching them in the game online Legend Of Mir HispaRed:

    • Welcome special pack: Just for starting to play with a new character you will get a fabulous set of items to reach the next task so quick.
    • Level 10 pack: Reaching level 10 you will get another couple of items to continue on your adventure.
    • Level 30 pack: As soon as you reach the level 30 you will get the next set of items and bonuses , with which, you will be able to increase you abilities and spells.
    • Level 50 pack: All the character that reach the level 50, before ending the leveling campaing, will be prized with a set of items which will help you in your adventures:
      • An amazing amount of gold.
      • A notorious bonus to increase your spells and abilities.
      • A complete set of level 50 wich includes: Weapon, Helmet, Necklace, 2 bracelets, 4 rings, armour, boots and a belt.

    • Level 70 final new pack: As an additional reward for all players who have been playing hard and taking advantage of this level, they will receive different objects and improvements to customize the game mode of your character.

    Donít loose the chance to play this game with those amazing advantages. You all are welcomed to enter in the Hispared world!

    If you have any doubt or suggestion about this campaing or about anything related to the game Legend Of Mir Hispared you can contact us using our contact form. We will attend you giving our best support and trying to help and inform as much as we can without any commitment on your side.

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