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    Legend of mir 3 Royal

    Server Name: Royal
    Server Files: Holley
    EXP Rate: x64 custom
    Dedicated Host: Yes
    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz5n7m1tHgb3eUtxempKMndFNVE/view
    Website/Forum Link: http://royalmir3.foroactivo.com
    221240-mrshadow (1).jpg

    Legend of mir 3 Royal HIGH rate Server.

    Start level 12
    Start gold 1.000.000
    Exp rate x64 Custom
    Drop rate x2 Custom
    Gold rate x2 Custom
    Mon rate x2 Custom

    Lenguage English
    Direct dowloand

    Creation and management of accounts in launcher.
    Contact: mir3royal.foroactivo.com
    OR inside the game.

    Support 24/7
    GameMaster Active
    All mobs can drop the cave-items. Of course sub and boss have higher chance then normal mobs.
    Boss lair's (With new bosses)
    Custom Spells
    Custom Equipment
    Custom interfance
    Rebirth system
    Warrior shield
    Taoist Halfmoon and new pets.
    New Casino
    UpgradeItem system
    Many funny and entertained quest and hunts

    Not everything is perfect, but we are working in the background so they can enjoy the server.
    We are doing everything possible so that they can have a good gameplay and fun.

    We are waiting for you inside!

    IMPORTANT: Please log in to the forum: http://mir3royal.foroactivo.com/
    to be informed of the changes.

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    Re: Legend of mir 3 Royal

    is server up ? cant get on

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