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    Union - Legend Of Mir 3 Med Rate

    Server Name: Union
    Server Files: Holley
    EXP Rate: x16
    Dedicated Host: Yes
    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1bIHg74yKKnICReaB_E8x-MUX5w-em0Wc&export=download
    Website/Forum Link: http://unionlom3.forumotion.com/

    Legend Of Mir 3 - Union

    ~ Server name: Union
    ~ Server type: Holley 3.55
    ~ Exp rate: x16 (custom)
    ~ Drop rate: x2 (custom)
    ~ Gold rate: x2 (custom)
    ~ Resp rate: x2 (custom)
    ~ Language: English (All NPC only in english).
    ~ Website: http://unionlom3.forumotion.com/
    ~ Face: Legend Of Mir 3 - Union
    ~ Contact: unionlom3@gmail.com

    GameMasters: GMHades & GMAres.
    Account creation & management through the game launcher.
    Client direct download day: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1bIHg...xport=download

    The server is fully customized. The bugs give a low amount of experience because it doesn't
    require much more to raise a level, so the server is more controlled and there is more room to
    play with the experience for a lot of time. The average experience is x16 as indicated above, we
    just wanted to clarify that if a bug gives you 1,000 experience, you can climb perfectly 1% according
    to the level that you are.

    The level to learn spells is customized.We have changed the level to be able to learn the spells,
    according to the statistics of the server,according to the level of the character and the ease of
    raising the level.

    The 3 character classes are level, but depending on the class you choose you have more benefits in
    one part of the game than another. At the time of PVP the 3 classes are the same, each with its magic
    advantage, but there are no outdated ones.

    The server is online for 1 month and we are working every day to improve it.
    For Christmas there are more than 5 global events where you get practically everything to be able to play more easily.

    Information about server:

    - Starting level: 1
    - Starting Pet : Avalon
    - Starting Gold : 50,000
    - Spells: All avaible.
    - Spell Skill Level: up to 3 for free.
    - Spell Skill Level: up to 10 with quests and crystals.
    - Master / Student System : Student(Lv:1) Master(Lv:90)
    - GlobalChat: Lv:80
    - Nobiliary Titles: All titles available on quests.
    - SabukWall-SamakWall Own Caves.
    - SabukWall-SamakWall War in 2 days.
    - InformationBoard on D-menu.
    - Max level: Not Limited.
    - PvP/PK It's allowed on all maps.
    - Multiple Caves Leveling.
    - More than 100 Caves created.
    - More than 100 Boses created.
    - Spells are changed level, different from all servers.

    Some special systems:

    - GuildSystem: Special services for each level.
    - EventSystemPoints: By participating and winning events.
    - IntegralSystem: NPC in UnionPalace.
    - MonsterStoneSystem: NPC in ZarcaniumWall.
    - MasterGraduates: NPC in UnionPalace.
    - Key System: for some BossLair.
    - TaoPet System: Lv:90-110-150-200-250 for the moment.
    - HermitBonus: for each level up.
    - UniqueSystemRings.
    - OnlineSystem:
    - Nobiliary Chest System.

    Some special events:

    - ManiacLabyrinth: (Special Event).
    - Battleground: (FamePoints and items Event).
    - GuildPoints: (GuildPoints x2).
    - Exp-Drop-Gold-Respawn: (altered state).
    - GuildMatch (GuildWars).
    - Multiple invasions in the cities (Group Hunting).
    - Survival (Leveling).
    - OX the wise (Special Event).
    - TreasureOfHell (Special Event).
    - Chaos plague (Special Event).
    - The Pickpocket (Special Event).
    - Spectrum Invasion (Special Event).
    - Halloween Event (Special Event).
    - Christmas Event (Special Event).
    - Valentine's Day (Special Event).
    - Easter Event (Special Event).
    - Thanksgiving Day (Special Event).
    - Summer Event (Special Event).
    - Xtreme Survival: (Survival Event).

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    Re: Union - Legend Of Mir 3 Med Rate

    Please provide me with the server's IP address - you cannot advertise here without doing so.


    Tai - LOMCN Administrator

    I do not answer server help questions via PM. PM'ing me will not get you a quicker answer than posting.

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    Re: Union - Legend Of Mir 3 Med Rate

    Quote Originally Posted by Tai View Post
    Please provide me with the server's IP address - you cannot advertise here without doing so.


    /DeaD SeRiOuS

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