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    Bell Looking into building a new gaming DESKTOP.

    Hello all,

    I am looking into building my first gaming PC and need some advise into what you guys are running and or what you guys have found to work the best?.

    - Please post what Graphic's card & processors you would recommend for a first time build. Alternatively just post what is being used by yourself as of now, First build or not.

    I am looking for something that would work well with Legend Of Mir, and also only MMORPG games.

    What would be more important - Graphics card or Processor, would high RAM also make a big difference?

    Reason for build, I am being stepped all over on a new laptop bought from pc world and cannot figure out why until speaking to a few mates who own gaming pc's

    Any information would be appreciated

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Looking into building a new gaming DESKTOP.


    in order of importance, with a mboard that doesn't bottleneck you. I built a very decent gaming pc lately for a friend but they had a budget of 1000

    In order to build you something we'd need to know your budget.

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    Re: Looking into building a new gaming DESKTOP.

    Post your laptop specs.

    My out of the box laptop out performs my, what was, 2k+ self-built Desktop (4/5 year old with random upgrades now n' then) on some games, being a laptop is simply not a reasonable excuse these days. Both have no trouble playing anything that comes out.

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