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    Legend of Mir: Nexus [Crystal]

    About time Val , looks brilliant & good luck fam!
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    LegendOfMir2 "TheEnd" - Discussion

    Good job 3gena! , keep the great work going lad!
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    Add Assassins to Odyssey : Poll

    Off topic , do we have a discord channel yet? :P @LightBringer
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    Add Assassins to Odyssey : Poll

    I voted No lol.
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    Avoid Legend Of Mir Evolution HighRate

    Good morning , wheres the discord link for this ^ ?
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    The Hero's Act Testing

    Good luck with it , might give it a bash.
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    LegendOfMir2 BlackClover Beta

    Cantea became a developer due renovating his servers every while lol.
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    Legend Of Mir2 Covid-19.

    Might give it a bash, good luck tho x
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    OldSkool Mir

    Spam curse / poisoning all QQ lol.
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    OldSkool Mir

    I have 2gb ram PC so lets get weirddddd!
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    OldSkool Mir

    Play drop m8++? Com BW Up Ok or NO?
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    OldSkool Mir

    This is gonna bring my 9years ago mir nights, cant wait literally!
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    OldSkool Mir

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    OldSkool Mir

    We have to be notified before launching date though in order to sort out a decent PC.
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    Looking for a legit MIR II server

    Kindly find the link below. Best.