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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
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    EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Surely it's still upcoming until any release date is reached and its live ? So why couldn't you have a release date and still be upcoming ? 1579048914 Why is it called Euro reborn when it has no resemblance to Euro whatsoever ?
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    Korean Official bug

    Korean Official bug Is anyone playing Korean Official and noticed the NPCs and mobs disappearing during drawing ? Also now stateitem and item images are also disappearing. Screenshot also lost all client UI images. Weird. Sommat's up.
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    In Game Music

    Thing with Mir though, you can hear which mob is near you before you see it. Map music for music's sake, no. Map music for atmosphere, yes. Lineage 2 did this brilliantly. Each town had a nice theme that looped. Shops had sounds such as iron works, armour being made etc. Certain areas of maps...
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    Would be neat to have these effects in mir

    Oh well lol. The official Korean has similar on the new map area as I said. Ignore the rest then :P
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    Would be neat to have these effects in mir

    As Lcd says, fireworks are in the client and have been for years. Effect.wil / 610-619 There was also a snow effect for a snowman NPC years ago too, with music. Official Korean has had a cloud/fog effect for a couple of years now but I've only seen it in the new area accessed via the large...
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    New Year 2020

    Happy New Year to all. Good luck this year !
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    Mir Guide website

    Indeed and many, many years of life wasted ! 1576758572 Euro Dragon was the best of all servers, especially in the earlier days. USA wasn't bad but went sour too.
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    Mir Guide website

    Immortalised in two of my screenies. Can't believe how long ago that was. One player has since died of cancer, one player died through severe injuries after years of suffering, and two have died of organ...
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    [Request] I have Problem with Korean mir2

    Get used to it. Look at the quest level, look at the finishing NPC and try to deduce your target mob. That's what I did.
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    [CD3.55] Hispared cant create account

    Thanks Alecs, Ventana = window :P
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    [CD3.55] Hispared cant create account

    Thought I'd look at the server and I get the same screen at the start too. Doesn't seem to be anywhere to change the view. No settings in config either. Shame. 1575737503 Managed to create a char and get in game but the game itself is also showing a split screen and the wrong res. Changing to...
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    Excel Geeks get at me

    Not really sure I understand what you're asking in 1. Are you saying you want to sort rows but only the cells in one or two columns, not all of them ? ie. sort A1, B1, A2, B2 but leave C onwards and also row 3 ? If so, simply highlight the specific cells in question and not the whole row...
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    AV over IP

    No. Apart from watching the odd live, interactive webinar. A friend works for a company who do all the temporary cabling for live sport microwave broadcasts such as the Premier League, Champions League and uplinks and other events. Pretty sure it will drastically change how all that works if...
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    Whats up.

    Hello Bon. Korean Mir2 is still going. They have new maps, mobs etc. They have removed the enlarged char size for the humup feature. They also keep adding superfluous graphical embellishments too. The progress on Crystal has all but stopped apart from a few people doing their own thing.
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    [Request] Ruby mir

    The comment in the DB Server window suggests it might be a firewall issue. Firstly, run all the exes as admin. If that doesn't help, make sure the DB server is allowed through your firewall. The version number of your client is 22/8/11. You need to get the latest of 20/10/2012. Do this before...