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    Excel Geeks get at me

    Not really sure I understand what you're asking in 1. Are you saying you want to sort rows but only the cells in one or two columns, not all of them ? ie. sort A1, B1, A2, B2 but leave C onwards and also row 3 ? If so, simply highlight the specific cells in question and not the whole row...
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    AV over IP

    No. Apart from watching the odd live, interactive webinar. A friend works for a company who do all the temporary cabling for live sport microwave broadcasts such as the Premier League, Champions League and uplinks and other events. Pretty sure it will drastically change how all that works if...
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    Whats up.

    Hello Bon. Korean Mir2 is still going. They have new maps, mobs etc. They have removed the enlarged char size for the humup feature. They also keep adding superfluous graphical embellishments too. The progress on Crystal has all but stopped apart from a few people doing their own thing.
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    [Request] Ruby mir

    The comment in the DB Server window suggests it might be a firewall issue. Firstly, run all the exes as admin. If that doesn't help, make sure the DB server is allowed through your firewall. The version number of your client is 22/8/11. You need to get the latest of 20/10/2012. Do this before...
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    [Request] Ruby mir

    Is this a local setup at home or are people connecting remotely ? Have you got MS SQL server installed and can you open the database tables manually ? Connection closed usually means the client isn't seeing the server. You can get this error by running the client and no server even existing ...
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    The best books you've read

    Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. A classic tale of hardship in Edwardian England. Don't watch the film versions, read the book. Candide by Voltaire. If any of you read it, I'd be very impressed ! Voltaire is French and wrote the book in 1759 ! Nam by Mark Baker. True stories of...
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    Parts System in Mir2

    How does a "parts system" differ from normal crafting of ingredients into items or pots etc. ? Why does storage need to be adjusted to accommodate it ? Simply make large volume items stackable. Players have always created storage chars so space is no issue.
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    [Request] Help

    Indeed. Now did you interpret my reply as being critical of your original response or that I was simply explaining how it could be interpreted but had no judgement of the response ? Haha. As for World peace, nah, never happen.
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    [Request] Help

    The second line of Chalace's reply could be interpreted as saying any questions you have will already have been answered in the forums already, don't ask them again here.
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    Avoid Legend Of Mir2 FourHeroes.

    "6.No flaming, prejudices or persecutions towards anyone." This thread is about an upcoming server, surely it's up to a mod/staff to decide if this is a valid post or not ? If he's relaunching a server after a few changes, that's his choice, no one has to play it and if you don't want to, or...
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    Hallo Guys The new MIR2ITALY coming soon !!!

    Ok, no probs. Thanks for the info.
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    Hallo Guys The new MIR2ITALY coming soon !!!

    Maybe ? What does that mean ? You might have Heroes but don't want to reveal it or you might have Heroes but not like USA ? Perhaps not at all ?
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    Hallo Guys The new MIR2ITALY coming soon !!!

    Do you have working heroes like on USA ?
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    Microsoft Game Stack

    Some might find this a useful read.
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    Private landlord

    Look in local free press etc. In my area one is called FridayAD but they obviously vary. Be careful though, read small print of any agreement, especially when it comes down to what you are liable for in repairs and maintenance etc. Also check what internet you can get, the place might be a...