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  • Hey Bh, really want to come back, but I forgot the password, the reset link doesn't work. Account name zx1234, email
    would it not be possible to reduce the negative a-speed to only 1 to make these weaps a bit better? Seems daft that these rare-ish weapons are worse than the most common ones.
    I will admit, i am perhaps a little biased because i own a black DSS....but i'd be interested to get your take on the matter
    Hi dude, I was just wanting too ask how too I go about getting my details back? I haven't played since before Christmas and forgot my id and password, id could actually be Thomas or thomas12 the character was a Taoist called Topaz level 34 if I remember correctly, Q and As were 1-1-1-1 or 12-12-12-12, appreciate the help if you can.
    Hey BH quick question not sure if I mis understood 1 of your posts about the exp, please say if I took it the wrong way, when you said the exp "cap" was in above 44 to keep people's levels in line with the server and when 2.0 is released you will be adjusting the cap accordingly does this mean adjustingn exp req for levels 44 and onwards? Any info is much appreciated as if this is the case I can start farming d scales for a okr :)

    Hello BH,

    I wish to make a new thread about my project, and have the old one closed, is this acceptable? I feel the thread is too large and contains to much irrelevant information.


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