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    Funniest, silliest, stupidest or most amazing character names you saw on Euro Mir Have a look on there loads of old screenshots etc, I think you might get abit wet 😂
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    How do people pronounce boxing?

    Can you sort me out with whatever your smoking? Ffs 😂😂
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    [Request] As a player, would these shadows annoy you?

    Yeah defo needs shadows, looks like there floating.
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    [Request] Any different ZT Mob files out there?

    Do you just post to get your count up? 😂
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    looking for some china ppl

    I like eating bats does that mean I’m racist?
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    [Request] looking for Tellin and BlackWidows

    What lvl tier?
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    [Request] looking for Tellin and BlackWidows

    I screenshot and sent it to her, you best adding her she’s not that good at that sorta thing her discord tag is Tellin#2367
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    [Request] looking for Tellin and BlackWidows

    I can let her know do you have discord? ps her names Mary @Jev
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    Untrusted :D

    Wrong kinda line tho 👃 ❄️
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    Untrusted :D

    It hasn’t been that long tbh.
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    Bundles or Stacks

    Stacks all day, buns are annoying af.
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    Mir ban

    Just say bye to the server unless you want to start over 😂
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    Mir 2 Odyssey - Open Beta

    Just to hunt me? How old are you dam.
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    Mir 2 Odyssey - Open Beta

    Haven’t played mir since euro days but ur Hercules U have just changed ur name? Lmfao 😂😂😂😂
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    Server for casuals

    Boring and don’t last, your example says it all bone elite fs.