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  1. Coding and development certifications

    I recently changed from construction to IT after moving to Australia three years ago. 31 years old now was in construction since I was 16, so it was a significant change. I started a Cert 4 in IT(Programming), which definitely helped get me my first job. They could see I invested in the career...
  2. Arcadia [Heroes] Discussion

    high level skills ye, skill up in till level 130 are easy there always 2/3 for sale, I found killing the boss at the skill level you're looking for tends to drop you a skill every 1/3 for one of the classes, they have changed a lot to make it easier to get back in the game. but the same thing...
  3. Arcadia [Heroes] Discussion

    ye I've come back after a long break (again lol) been playing for two weeks and there's a couple of people about . seen a new group of people start about a week ago there leveling up together it's a fun server always has been. It scratches the itch I have for mir every now and again and the...

    y are you posting in up coming server? and are you talking about TD 2.3Files? good files for their time but so dated and no source code you were very limited in what you would do with the server
  5. Arcadia.

    Course it’s pay to win so has every server that’s opened in the past 3yeas plus lol. All I’m saying is at least with this one it don’t close so you’re moneys not to wast, sorps been around for years don’t act dumb his servers Lastwd because there pay to win but they don’t disappear like most...
  6. Arcadia.

    If you read there forums sorp put up a poll about stall, most voted no because of the way the elements work and how you can price stuff, I don’t even play but I have to stick up for a server that’s lasted the time, servers come an go. You know what you’re getting when you start here it’s Been...
  7. Arcadia.

    Removing a server that’s lasted longer then any other out there because you think the user count is fake lol, ye it might be but let’s face its over past couple years pay win servers are the thing (Arcadia included) but at least you’re investment is not going down in 12mouths. An no I don’t play...
  8. recording softwear

    as the tital any know a good recording program i could download to use with my webcam
  9. Happy Server [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: Happy mir2 Season 2 6/23 Open ! (Low rate ) never mind worked it out ---------- Post Merged at 09:49 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 06:47 PM ---------- it might not be for every one it does take some time to get use to it but when you do its a great server an am having alot of...
  10. Rise of the Archons [2.6+] Discussion

    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords So its time to dust of the old windows xp desktop again?
  11. Albion Online

    the release date is july the 17th i think?. is any one going to play this / been playing this? am thinking buying a founders pack tomorrow an giving it ago the pvp looks fun dropping your whole kit if you die an guild v guild sounds amazing
  12. Five Heroes - Crystal Files

    i downloaded server tryed running patcher but its just opening a purple screen any idear?
  13. Arcadia [Heroes]

    make a stall with the chara you want the GG on an sell a Ring for the amount of GG you want to trade over then buy it with the chara you got the GG on.
  14. Legend of Mir ORIGINS [CrystalM2] OpenBeta

    just a couple of things to look at might just be luck but i had a DSS drop and Blizzard today also some little bugs / tweaks: Curse is OP on other players an also mobs i noticed when it run on mobs they freeze for a couple of seconds also giving you free hits. Met an Blizzard need the acc...
  15. ORIGINS [Crystal]

    same here looking farwards to giving it a shot