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  • hi,i try downlaoded supreme and when i go to make a count it freezes :S cud you help me please?
    Mapadale was banned for numerous reasons. Was absolutely nothing todo with Taifun.
    Which member did he get banned? And the guys a douche, just laugh at him.
    I can make a new advert no problem, the host of Ultra Mir 2 doesn't even come on here as I know he wouldn't/can't complain, many thanks for response, if and when we are ready to make the change would it be possible to kill the ultramir3 link completely removing it from forums as will be a dead link or shall we just leave as is, sorry but don't really want bad rep on here and seem to be getting alot of slack from a few certain members.
    Wouldnt it be easier to make a clean new advert, then people won't complain saying its theirs blah blah
    Yes, basically I have been building ultramir2 for a friend and as of late he has made a few wrong decisions which has forced me to stop working on his server but at the time of starting to work on ultramir3 I thought would be a good idea to combine the 2 names under 1 logo for my siggy
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