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    Mir4 is PC + Mobile

    PC gameplay: Looks like it's literally just the mobile game playing in a PC emulator :LOL:
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    Account and installation guide Chinese Mir 3D

    I have an account and am able to login in the client, but as soon as it accepts the username/password, I just get stuck on the login gates, they do not open but the login box does disappear like it was successful. Anyone had this issue and sorted it? @Xzoviac
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    New World MMO

    I had a great time on the New World preview. I wouldn't listen to lazypeon's video hating on it, form your own opinion. The game definitely has some areas to improve, the questing and mission design being one of them. The crafting grind is so damn good though. Venturing out into the forest to...
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    EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    I really wish the launch of this was delayed, it looks like a decent server but hoping for a successful launch while Ben's server has 350 consistently online is pushing it. Would be much better to wait for OS to die down ;(
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Do it (y) @Lilcooldoode @MiloFoxburr few issues with the new custom resolutions. I don't seem to be able to ctrl+right click certain characters. For some it works, some it doesn't. Try it in a safe zone. Also when going from window to full screen, mouse coordinates are bugged (have to...
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    Streamer Graphics Design

    I'll do it for free, if you can pay me in exposure.
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Could you remove Kera from the cave rotation? Nice to see a little update coming (y)
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    OldSkool Mir

    Looking forward to playing this :cool:
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    LOMCN Awards 2019: Nominations

    Only doing a partial vote as I have no idea who is the most popular, the best contributor, biggest troll and so on... Best Server: The Primordial's Rise Best Moderator: @Martyn Best Coder: @Jamie
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    Whats up.

    For anyone interested I've made a side-by-side of the graphics in the video vs what it looks like on Chronicles. The graphics in the video look "flatter" and more stylised with less grit/noise in the texture compared to the Chronicles version.
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    It's probably because the files play a lot nicer than Crystal, which every other server seems to run on
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    Whats up.

    Am I missing something? Looks like the same graphics we've always had 🤔 Is it just the fact that the client's running at a high resolution / highly zoomed out?
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    It's probably down to not agreeing with the change, rather than not being able to afford it.
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    Mir Trilogy

    "Green Legend" looks interesting