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  1. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    Might aswell give it a download then when its up.. Any tips am more than happy to hear
  2. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    Whats this server like? Best class? Might give mir a bash, not played for years
  3. Legend Of Mir2 SuperNova Server

    Enjoying the server, just a question are spells like poison cloud/ crosshalfmoon and flamefield rare?
  4. Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    Can't get past file data/npc/desktop/ini ? even turned autopatcher off and still cnt get on >.<
  5. Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    Might come play this now it seems to be all sorted. What class best then wizzies tanks like they seem 2 be on everyother crystal file server?
  6. Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    Re: Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Looking good. Nice high Rate to get back into mir. Hopefully get a host soon so i can geek it while im on factory shutdown lol
  7. [Heroes] Xeno Mir Server Discussion

    Re: [Heroes] Xeno Mir Server LIVE Thought bout coming and playing this. Whens all these updates coming in?
  8. Mythik's Mir 2 [Heroes] Discussion

    How hard is it to level up on ere? Was looking for a server to play but dont really wanna grind the lower levels out
  9. Mir Supreme [2.6+] Discussion

    Server seems good same as b4 just no annoying assassin shame now every1 high levels tbh.... Would be nice if the n00bs got a bit of a boost to catch up maybe to level 50 or summert... But part from that keep it up boys
  10. MirLegacy

    If you need a tester ill give a go got a bit of spare time on me hands this week.
  11. BlackHeart [3.55] [HighRate]

    lol cant get this 2 work for me ffs.... Av to d/l all again :(
  12. BlackHeart [3.55] [HighRate]

    Ye not really a mir 3 player but mite give a go as xbox getting boring now
  13. Dark Realm [2.3] Discussion

    Don't even last 10 mins >.<
  14. FurianMir [2.3] Discussion

    love if come back off a week on hols n server gonna give me a bit of a chance to catch up N1 :D
  15. The Lost World [2.3] Discussion

    All i did was deleted temp internet settings and tried to download again worked, So obvious my side 4 that then Also Server down? Was on a exp pot aswell... :( Go back to normal :(:( Got back in game 2 mins later off again... :( Whats happening this just me or is it every1?