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DarkSide Mir3
  1. Need 2 tester for fast server.

    I was asking for link of CmList.dat editor pleb, about scripting i never asked to you, FAN BOY You think i care about Mir3 files or something? I never used scripts from other server, always i started from 0, you CAN'T SAY THAT. gl 1589121965 And i asked to a lot of people. Don't think you are...
  2. Need 2 tester for fast server.

    @zedina @CraZyEriK I'm PAPI and stop talk trash about me on this shitters, I NEVER ASKED ON MY SERVERS TO TESTERS, now im tired of mir3 and don't wanna do nothing, and stop saying is me, when he open get his IP and UDP him like u did with me and check IP Location is not me, idiots I have 3 pm's...
  3. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 Chaos

    If i see i have more users "english-polish" or others i will translate for they can play better
  4. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 Chaos

    If you play enough on Christmas event you can get level 50 so fast, after 50 is starting to be a bit lower, giving importance to level. 1 week for sure you are 50 if you play
  5. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 Chaos

    holly version, srry forgot to put there
  6. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 Chaos

    INFORMATION ABOUT THE SERVER: - Opening: 27-12-19 15:00 Spanish hour. - Discord: - Name: Chaos - Type: Holley - Spanish Language - Facebook group: Chaos Mir 3 [Private group, we must wait to be accepted] - Administrators: PAPI#3254 - Rates: Experience x6 ~ Drop x2 ~...
  7. [Holley] I need help please!

    I'm sure about this but i need to ask ... When active experience, perfect register in SQL , but when the day off , not deactivated , this 've tried it with the connected character Example I run the 12-09 : 4:09 and 2016 I am connected , in HUMPLUS me still putting the VIP Level 50, it is not...
  8. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 ColosaL

    download the new HL and reemplace and u will can make account on launcher!
  9. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 ColosaL

    Server will be online day 10-09-2016 at 15:00 ! ---------- Post Merged on 10-09-2016 at 12:56 PM ---------- Previous Post was on 09-09-2016 at 09:43 PM ---------- Server ONLINE!! NEW HL
  10. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 ColosaL

    ColosaL Legend Of Mir 3 Beta is complete. I thank all users who participated. Server will open day : 10-09-2016 at 15:00. Events for aperture in FORUM. Server RATES: Exp Rate: x6 (custom). Gold Rate: x1 (custom). Drop Rate: x1 (custom). Respawm: x2 (custom). Server Info: I3 Processador 4...
  11. [Holley] Open 2 sesions in the same client!

    You have "0" here. Change to 1. Look in CD.ini
  12. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 ColosaL

    I thought of doing it in English too, but my English is limited and did not know if iva to play more people , but do not remove that possibility. <body id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; left: -1000px;">I thought of doing it in...
  13. [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 ColosaL

    ¡ Hello everyone ! Link Website: Link Download: Account: Via Launcher. Server HOST: 300 MB conection. Server beta opens tomorrow at 17:00 , Spain time . I would like to know the people...