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  1. [Zircon] New ' Global Eden' Server Comming

    This is another download. Eden Server did not publish the database to the client. Changed to download DB every time. It is to prevent bugs and illegal things.
  2. [Zircon] New ' Global Eden' Server Comming

    Once it is open, the update will be received! 1566032886 Promotion of new global servers has begun. I would like to meet many European players. 1566032915 It's because the server isn't open yet. This server run 12:00 today Uk time
  3. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    Once it is open, the update will be received!
  4. [Zircon] New ' Global Eden' Server Comming

    I want to meet many European friends!
  5. [Zircon] New ' Global Eden' Server Comming Client Download address
  6. [Zircon] New ' Global Eden' Server Comming

    2online is currently playing. The Eden is a test server. 1565886297 We will also announce changes to the skills.
  7. [Zircon] New ' Global Eden' Server Comming

  8. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    If you have Chinese players, 1015511164 Come to the QQ group. There are many Chinese users here.
  9. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    Unlike the old one, the new instance system Day of week events, and appropriate job-specific balance.
  10. [Zircon] Eden Mir3 Discussion

    ok 1554792886 New download link Full Client. 1554792901 New download link Full Client.
  11. [Zircon] Eden Mir3 Discussion

  12. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    Supports powerful three languages (English, Korean, Chinese) with 90% completion. Please choose your preferred language from Settings. Everything changes to the language you want.
  13. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    We now support 100% English. Items, monsters, npc, quests, npc conversation, magic, everything in English. Chinese also supports 100%.