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  1. Zircon Server Development

    Hi Jamie, I think he is referring to Life = 3x more chance to crit and 3 x dmg on crit Chaos = 30% more dmg Cosmos = % lifesteal and green poison They were made by 4 necklace fragments. I probably got the bonus slightly wrong but something like that. I deffo remember these on euro for sure
  2. Zircon don't allow pk drops or allow??

    What about insteaf of dropping items you drop cash? So like 2.5% of what is in bag. So there is an incentive to pvp/pk but to the person who lost it cash it is not as big an issue as losing a rare item?
  3. Zircon don't allow pk drops or allow??

    As I said in discord, allow people the choice to get added benefit like increased drop/exp but can drop from body vs those people who dont. Make it character bound on startup or a hefty price to reverse. Give these characters a different colour/animation so they stand out to players too.
  4. [Request] Euro mir3

    Some links I found just searching google, might be of use..searched "QGO mir 3 latest client" xxx xxx remove xx's from start/end.. both from around 2005.
  5. [Request] Euro mir3

    BeK was his name! I remember Cerb, used to be in same guild - but I think the guy I am thinking of was someone else ><
  6. [Request] Euro mir3

    If I remember correctly your 'non-gm' char although pretty sure you had gm powers on it was something short like 3-5 letters long...(think it had a b in it possibly) and you played with your irl girlfriend tao Kasia? You had windblade, demonarmour snow kit etc, para too if I remember correctly.
  7. C# Closed Beta Testers

    Hey DK, Would be good to get an account and help test if you still require more. Thanks, /Jack
  8. How many old skool Cn'ers are still around?

    I remember the banter from GG forums where ppl used to impersonate each other haha. Zanarkand was one of the originals for me. That and Devil/Charisma server.
  9. Hidden Mist! [2.3]

    sounds good :)
  10. Mirs 10year anniversary?

    Wow first person to mention zanarkand! That was one of the biggest from ggmania, with 100+ players at times. Also ggmania was funny with everyone pretending to be each other as you didnt have logins. Remember Shinoda originally running it
  11. Cheats/Bots

    vec its not worthwhile, so dont waste ur time here. also ive been a member of private server community from near the start when Gameguru forums were used which is probs longer that apex was created (or close to it) so its nothing about "respected member of apex would be seen on a site like this"
  12. Gettign a working client exe

    Say i have some mir3 server files, all works great but my client exe is bugged, i.e it shops stupid stats for everything, how can i reticfy that?? also ihave having trouble with the gmip's could is there a guide anywhere on forums dedicated to setting them up? i havnt found one yet. many thanks
  13. sell/trade dc 0-10 KiyukilNecklace / mc 2-8 Eye of magic

    ill put 4.5mil on dc10 necky edit do u need aything like lvl33 armor or power rings etc? also have lvl22 wizz armor mr+1 adv wind adv lightning no dis - pretty amazing for MTK :)
  14. Who are you?

    sorry was ur name graphite in mir3 bcos i dont remember it? or something else
  15. Real or Fake Offical mir3???

    Looks promising, ill deffo give it a look in /Warrio