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    [Help] GameShop Purchase

    You need to collect parcel, was added to the InnKeeper on test files.
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    Laptop Advice Please :)

    Good information thanks, I have basic requirements for D2 RM, Req GTX 1060. shame to hear about the HP Spectre looks very tempting. The main thing that I need is being able to be charged by the 24V, or Type C 45w adaptor. (For work, HGV Driver Mon-Fri) mainly want to get back into MIR.
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    Laptop Advice Please :)

    Currently searching for a new laptop, which must be able to handle playing Mir, D2 Remastered. Okay downside, Must be capable tobe Charged via a 24V/12V HGV Socket. preferably USB-C capable charging, been looking at the HP Spectre range but prices are crazy.
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    Euro Mir History

    MIR2 was launched on 19th September 2001 by Game Network, (an Italian company) The monthly subscription model was from release.
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    Untrusted :D

    I Vote NO,
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    intrigued in what he wrote,
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    Why are we even allowing this to take place? Sure i deleted this before.
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    [Release] BDO - Production Material Images (.BMP)

    trying to fix. damn dropbox being shite
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    14:22 in.
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    [Release] My attempt at a new ui

    I sense a bit of rivalry @Breezer
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    [Release] My attempt at a new ui

    very nice, as people has mentioned about the health bar. keep them coming bud,
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    The Hero's Act Mir 2 - Discussion

    🙄 is he also running from his home computer?
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    🦠 Have you had COVID 🦠

    Voted Probably, while working away as a HGV driver, Its extremely hard to avoid some form of contact with other drivers (Services - Showers/Toilets) and some are extremely well... dirty...
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    Where i can order ps5

    you cant, everywhere sold out, you re going to have to wait until after release
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    Happy Birthday DiabloVodkaShot!!!

    Was thinking the same, must be secret lovers