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    Copycat Websites

    It is still. is a semi-generic domain I use for my nameservers
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    False Emails.

    For future, you may want to make the company aware of
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    Celebrity Look-A-Likes

    Maybe! Thats at least from this century!
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    Celebrity Look-A-Likes

    Thats not me :(
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    levels of lomcn members?

    Closing this thread cos I'm getting pissed off by all the reported posts from it. All of you go find something better to do, COMPAQ12 especially.
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    Lomcn Irc

    mumble works on linux (and OS X) aswell, it must be better! (Also the sound quality is much higher than the other 2) (I also know that teamspeak "works" on linux, but the client is **** and can't be used at the same time as anything else that uses sound, and vent works in wine but not the mic...
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    Lomcn Irc

    Mumble > Vent/Teamspeak oh and IRC > *
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    Stargate Contiuum: LEAKED!

    As per the sticky in this forum, you should specify is there is spoilers contained. You don't have to talk about the storyline (spoilers) to talk about the film.
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    LOMCN Forum Upgrade

    Fixed :)
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    WHo Is Getting Lashed Tonight??

    TBBT is awesome! Will Saturday involve a post about you killing someone from driving like an ass?
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    March Desktops 2008

    Never had any problems with windowed mode personally. I have 2x "Hyundai W240D" :D
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    March Desktops 2008

    Maximises to 1 screen, games run on 1 screen (usually the main one, eg the one with the clock and menu button, but some (I've only seen it with GTA:SA) give a choice) Some games (eg RA2) don't properly lock the mouse, so you end up with the mouse falling into the other screen, and if you click...
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    March Desktops 2008

    Not that I see it much as Always have IRC open full screen on the left monitor, and usually FF on the other, but here you go:
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    March Desktops 2008

    He means you have a stupidly small screen resolution. You're using 800x600 on a 17" monitor, do your eyes not cry out to you to stop the pain and suffering?
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    Happy 20th DF

    Cheers guys