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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
  1. Avoid Remedi M2 (Custom) Coming Soon

    This server is online now?
  2. Resurgence [Crystal] Discussion

    Is this online or no?
  3. Anthem

    This game was/is a massive flop! It has so many bugs they should call it Anthem 74 and now it’s even breaking consoles lol. Such a shame this game could’ve been awesome.
  4. Resurgence [Crystal] Discussion

    P2w then. Thanks for letting people know before they waste their time, I guess.
  5. DarkZone Reborn [Crystal] Discussion

    Just putting this out there, if you're thinking for leaving darkzone for another server ie edens elite make sure you don't use the same log in details (should go without saying, i know) as one of the gm's from darkzone decided to log onto my account this afternoon. Before you try and deny it...
  6. The Legend of ̶ M̶i̶r̶ Fishing [Custom Crystal]

    Bullshit is fishing good for exp, typical nub behaviour from piff tho, trash player. How is being afk and gaining exp from stupid fish a good thing? Change your name to Legend of Mir AFK. This honestly sounds even more drab than your previous serv. Goodluck with it though... ---------- Post...
  7. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    When can we make a sin?
  8. Legend Of Mir Revival

    Any update on this? as Vengeance failed to deliver...