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  • Hello mate!! How's it going? long time :D
    I'm willing to come back on mir after a few goood years. Do you play anything or any recommendation?
    mirserver2.3 has trojans and no files. cant find yur post agan yet plz post this to remove the infection Trendmicro-Cisco Housecall. Not trying to be a arse. seems worse on lomcn tho
    Hey Geeza, I don't suppose you could upload your ruby set up vid again could you? I've used the ruby install guide but am still getting errors so assume I have missed something! Thanks very much
    i use test id login,but...
    when select characters throw exception :"Fatal error!Server verific action failed."
    Hey m8 , you are a great guide , I used your video to make my own server but can you please please guide me in one thing more please m8 I realy need your help , I made the server but there is no spawning mobs can you tell me please how to fix that ?

    Thanks for reading this msg , I hope It didn't annoy you

    m8 i have make the new mongen with the files you gave me. but it is not compelet zt kr is missing redthunderzumas.
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