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  1. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Hey Sanjian, I've been a lomcn lurker for the past few years playing maybe two-three servers in that time. Great to see you still working on servers - those sub boss mechanics look awesome! I have a feeling some subs might be actually be alive for a change if there not easily rolled ;D I'll be...
  2. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Sounds good mate I think this is gunna be really popular, lets hope for an epic launch!
  3. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Looks good buddy, nice to see someone still making new content! Hopefully it gets a bigger usercount than Legend of Fishing deserved but never got! Don't bring it up for a few months tho please I just got back into Zircon! haha
  4. [Zircon] Zircon Server - Low Rate - 7th June 2019 - 18:00 GMT

    Agree with Jamie on this last post. Frankly I fully respect the guy for taking idiots money for pixels - are you telling me any of you wouldn't do the same with his skills? xD Its not as if his servers last 2 months and he then brings another mirror image of the last one is it... And so what...
  5. Here we go again.

    Hey bud, just checked this out. It reminds me of Diablo / Champions of Norrath. Do you need a decent specced PC to play it? Is it pc only? Looks like an offline game from the video? Didn't have long to check it out!
  6. Mir 2 / Mir 3 Companions...

    Every time I typed @home 5 seconds later I got a weird look from the mrs like wtf are you playing lmao xD
  7. Mir 2 / Mir 3 Companions...

    Personally I don't really like companions, especially if they get in your way or you see 100 of them in SZ, or if they make some random ******* annoying noise xD I'd just be happy with gold to bag and stat medals instead of companions. Apologies for steam rolling your thread xD
  8. Any chance of a non Pykie server ?

    I don't really think there's anything wrong with a mainly PVE server as long as there's some custom caves about with a decent range of drops - though I agree they don't tend to stay online for more than 2-3 months before fizzing out. I think one the main problems across a lot of servers i've...
  9. Any chance of a non Pykie server ?

    I could not bare playing mir without easy access to RT's! I barely have the time to keep up as it is let alone have to spend time running places xD And tbh its been a while since I've seen some balance in boss drops in regard to specifically how easy it is to get to. Usually people dash to WT /...
  10. Any chance of a non Pykie server ?

    Hi Skyline, Thats exactly what I do mate, I've always been a solo grinder happy with getting guaranteed exp / gold and buying the kit I need, rather than waste time getting to an empty KR or getting flopped if the boss is in by other people haha. Atleast that way I keep up relatively with...
  11. [Zircon] Zircon Server - Low Rate - 7th June 2019 - 18:00 GMT

    What do you actually want? xD
  12. Avoid Legend Of Mir2 FourHeroes.

    Dude cmon, not everyone knows how to mine :rolleyes:
  13. hi guys i hope to get help fast