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  1. Diablo Immortal

    I see everyone is on the bandwagon of it being **** because of the legendary gem fiasco. I stopped playing myself, as I always get bored of any diablo game after a couple of weeks at most, but the game itself has more content than both diablo 2 and diablo 3. Without the legendary gem P2W...
  2. Real Madrid - Liverpool

    I think you mean the last 2 minutes :sneaky:
  3. Server of the Year 2021

    This. The amount of new features they have implemented alone is why they get my vote o/
  4. Mir4 worth playing?

    Don't bother, just wait for the next big private server. Whales on mobile games will always dominate.
  5. Legend Of Mir 4 (Basic Starters Guide)

    It's the same as every other mobile mmorpg available on mobile. Doesn't feel anything like Mir, really should have just done a mobile port of Mir2 or Mir3 :(
  6. Mir4 mobile!!!

    Kinda disappointed. A Mir2 mobile port would have been a lot better.
  7. Euro Mir (P2P?)

    Going to the local shop and topping up a Splash Plastic card just to pay the monthly sub for Mir, who could forget that
  8. Legend of Mir: Nexus [Crystal]

    The image is not clickable for the download? Can you fix it please :D want to give this a try tonight Edit: also discord link doesn't work?
  9. [Zircon] Ben's Mir3 - Discussion

    There are only a few skills new. Shaman has tempest insted if wizard, paladin has halfmoon insted of warrior. The 2 new classes are just skills from other classes plus a few extra, nothing special
  10. [Zircon] Phoenix XE - Discussion

    Indeed there will be, I think the majority of people who will stay in Phoenix are the lot who played long term on the original. Everyone else will probably end up on Taral
  11. [Zircon] Phoenix XE - Discussion

    Just wait for Taral if you want to PK/PvP o/
  12. [Zircon] Phoenix XE and Taral XE

    Only problem with beta is the wipe that happens, as soon as it's live I will probably give it a go though, as I very much enjoyed the original Phoenix server they created.
  13. Add Assassins to Odyssey : Poll

    While you're at it, add Druid.
  14. Which phone you rocking in 2020

    OnePlus 8 here, big fan of the OnePlus phones in general. Being in a job where I am using both Android and iOS devices everyday, I think they are both good... but the price for iOS isn't justifiable
  15. [Zircon] Kraken - Discussion

    Haven't played mir in months, will give this a go as it looks very well done, good luck with the launch!