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    You like hip hop?

  2. Kakashi

    You like hip hop?

    So. I am back making music - also got a InstagramAccount since 10 days! XD You can check it out, there are snippets from my songs and more coming. Love to hear feedback from the "lovely" Mir Community xD Soon there will b a spotify soundcloud etc + youtube. Yet im just making tracks and...
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    Some maps

    Number 8: Mid room full of mobs - who kills most wins. 3 rounds. PK/PvP mode ON.
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    New Server Discussion

    What are the details to the PvP/PK Feature? Only Pk counts or also PvP kills? Does it count when enemy first hits? What if you get ressed from item or hero and die again you can lose exp again? Did you think of Players which dont like PvP and just like PvE, they will quit the game very fast...
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    Buying a server?!

    EDIT: We can't attract all players that's impossible, simple maths shows it. But we can put 100% Energie into it, with the highest amount+quality of technical support. The result will be something you can call, you did what you can. And that's enough for me - I can't change things, but maybe...
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    [GSP] Mir3USA - GSP Server

    After beta, swipe?
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    Buying a server?!

    Yes but @Skyline is right. Thats what I have to know at least and also want to do. Maybe in combination with one coder who can help me through the "learning" process :P We will see... I will start with the guides in the forum - PMs are still welcomed :p and yes @Pfiff1 is also right, with...
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    Buying a server?!

    Yes I guess the standards are like alrdy coded in zircon files. But I want something special ofc, so I need help in coding features. You know I love PvP/PK, I would need help to realize ideas which I have there. Also on the general boss systems, caves/Kingrooms. Many other stuff which I can't...
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    Buying a server?!

    Hi peeps. Is it possible to buy a server? I have no clue of programming or making a server, I would handle GM commands or being GM but that's my limitation I guess. I wanted to invest some money this year into Mir3. I love this game since more then 15 years. I love the idea of owning a...
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    Old Mir 3 many years ago..

    Mir3 pvp was insane, zircon fkd it up that's right...
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    Interesting Video of what Server?

    Lol i wrote Vimto into search bar nothing appeared xD
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    Interesting Video of what Server?

    Lol this is no ad I swear xD I never had any connection to server making I've always been a player. I remember the name Vimto who uploaded this video, but can't find him here ... I am in quarantine and looking for a decent Mir3 low rate server, I hope there is coming something soon xD
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    Interesting Video of what Server?

    who uploaded this? I creeping for a new lowrate server please ;p
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    Some ways to gain free cryptocurrency and a few dollars/euros

    You can always earn dollars/euros working. Referrals are not allowed.