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  1. Mir3 private servers are in the worst state since Global went down....

    Would be awesome if the coders of zircon and all the zircon clones actually put their heads together and made something close to official, properly tested before live. Between everyone on lomcn we probably have more than 1000 years worth of Mir experience. Longevity is a huge issue with zircon...
  2. [Suggestion] Mir3 - Body Drops or NOT?

    Some good points here, I’m a fan of pk but only if server and classes are balanced. Personally I don’t like auto pot think it ruins the pvp system. Being yellow or red should be more punishing on death. On Korean the padlock isn’t used so you don’t mistakenly throw away items. It’s purchased...
  3. [Suggestion] What reward should be owning a wall?

    No buff, just npc discount
  4. Zircon don't allow pk drops or allow??

    on korean official you could buy a item from general store that would protect players from item drop. it could be applied to any equipt item and bag items including stacked items. cost was 100k per item. just a thought, dunno if this post was closed or discussion was over.
  5. Zircon Server Development

    Taos own on Korean official and are not just a support class! Summoned pets hp is based on level of summon and sc. pets damage is based on illusion, and with explosion Taos can do crazy damage. They have aoe, para and combo skill that easily make up for what they lack at low lvls 1-60. Have seen...
  6. Zircon Server Development

    Jamie/Hello you said you was after mob info. dunno if you wanted me to post here, these are from Korean official. Taoist Temple Province mobs
  7. [Other] Open Source Mir3 Server

    I'm interested but know little about code, mir3 needs this and there are still many people that play Mir3 but have quit because are fed up playing with the same files. Anyway if there is anything I can do pm me
  8. [Other] Mir3gsp most up to date server

    low rate server lvl cap 53 assassin server more stable now hope to see people in game that still play
  9. [Other] GSP (Global Service Platform)

    check out the server for yourself and decide, ive seen no bias myself. yes GM is Chinese but i think he is doing the best he can. lvl cap is 53 atm will be raised. most up to date server online with assassin
  10. New chinese mir3 with sins server meant to be coming online next week

    Server has been much improved, most up to date Mir3 server with assassin. join up currently playing :D
  11. New chinese mir3 with sins server meant to be coming online next week

    is the server still up ? im unable to make a game account keep getting server down.
  12. Stats Cap CD3.56 max level 71 ? is this my DB ?

    im still having the same problem, level capped at 71. are your sure this is to do with Game3G ive tried several databases and still no joy. ive tried to reinstall all databases, still no joy. net check is working could it be a error with my CD.ini ? thanks for the link lina but i still got...
  13. Stats Cap CD3.56 max level 71 ? is this my DB ?

    Anyone got Uncapped CD3.55/CD3.56 Game3g Database
  14. Stats Cap CD3.56 max level 71 ? is this my DB ?

    know where i can get a uncapped one ? i used the DB from the 3.55Working files and still have same problems.