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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
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    EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

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    EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Nice, i Will play
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    Valkyrie Re-Launch

    No portal, no restart
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    When it's opening?
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    Server Sig Generator

    Can't select 2nd image... well i can select, but sig shows first one
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    Euro Conquera Online

    Euro Conquera Online
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    LOMCN Discord

    Sent PM at Discord 1554129362 Associated!
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    LOMCN Discord

    First time i try this... and got this
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    [Zircon] MoonX Mir 3 - Coming Soon™

    It's Friday It's morning Give me the link
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    [Zircon] MoonX Mir 3 - Coming Soon™

    Take Exp x1 and then make server exp x0,5
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    LOMCN Awards 2018: Nominations

    Most Helpful: Koriban Best Coder: LOMValkyrie Best Contributor: Jamie Best Moderator: Tai Most Popular: Jamie Biggest Troll: Hells Biggest Spammer: Stoke Biggest Carrot Jockey: Zedina
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    LOMCN Upgrade Complete

    Good job
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    Legend of Mir 2 - Valkyrie

    A couple questions Taoist Portal can be used in both directions? how many times for each player? This portal can be used in PVP to send a near player far from you? Thanks!
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    Legend of Mir 2 - Valkyrie

    Apocalypse is going down soon, your moment its near