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DarkSide Mir3
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    [Release] Interface Parts & Elements

    oft, this UI stuff looks niiiice!
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    [Help] Help!

    you just create an internal structure of folders and store the tiles in named folders such as "Desert" "Forest" etc On the original Map Editor (probably somewhere else as well) there are options for zoom in / out etc.
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    [Help] Help!

    Tiles = single tiles on a map. If you want to place multiple tiles at once, or a full tree etc you do it via objects. Navigating the tiles is a nightmare, you are best off spending time bundling them up into folders (categories) to help you. It isnt an overnight thing and it takes a lot of...
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    [Help] Help!

    You create a blank map then start putting tiles down.
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    [Help] Help!

    take a screenshot of where you are running this from. I can't replicate your issue unless you dont have all the required stuff in the right location (the editor within your client) your client also needs to be populated, it can't be an empty client.
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    Artificial Mir 2 - Discussion Thread

    I would back it up more frequently then every 4 hours :geek: Heard good feedback about the server from various people, will have to try find some time to get on and give it a go! (new PoE league is this week too :( ) I wish I could just no life games like back in the day :(
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    Artificial Mir 2 - Discussion Thread

    Not been able to log on yet myself, so would be good to hear peoples feedback from the opening weekend :)
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    Path of Exile - Heist

    Anyone looked into this league / thoughts? Finally looks like a league that I can get fully into for once!
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    [Request] Icons images ( above character )

    Easy to make though, depending what you want.
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    Heroes or Crystal?

    100% agreed, Crystal all the way.
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    The Last Chapter : Mir II

    I am the same, plus I hate having tons of discord servers along the left hand side, I tend to forget what they are for. Forums for me! Also a release date yet?.... :yellowfish:
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    [Release] New server team

    The main issue you will have is people trusting you, you've been on the forums for 2 weeks. I mean it's why I am very sceptical about adding to our team, is trusting people with years of coding! haha
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    Imac computer

    you can also use parallels on your machine if needed
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    One Class concept - a crazy idea

    If you want to try out a new concept go for it, its nice to see people trying new things. Personally it isn't for me, for balance purposes you can lock certain skills behind requirements like needing a certain amount of MC, so if you are defining yourself as a warrior then you aren't likely...