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    Artificial Mir 2

    Being a TKO member and also being present at the lord spawns and sabuk wall fights I have a different opinion. The lord spawns in WV ( the weekend previous to the yt vid you posted) , the reason we killed all the lords was that we outnumbered BS by a fair margin. especially with archers , no...
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    [Custom C# Files] Apocalypse Mir 2

    Looks epic . Can’t wait to play 👍
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    Black Desert Online

    not sure which server yet , probably an eu pvp server.:eagerness:
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    Black Desert Online

    the skills / combo's look so fun to play think im going to try sorceress.
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    Blade and soul

    not sure which class , they all look awsome its either kung fu master , force dancer or assassin , cant decide!!
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    Blade and soul anyone playing this ? early release was on the 15th free to play launch is on tuesday.
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    Lightsabre with Google

    Anyone had a go at this? its awsome! :calm: Go on this website it will give you a short link to open on a laptop or desktop. Open that and connect your phone, you control the light sabre on the screen of your laptop. By moving your phone about.
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    thanks bud , see you ingame soon. any advice about classes? , looks like a toss up between the evoker or the shadowhunter from the info on the website.
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    giving this ago later . what server you on stavros?
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    Legend of Mir: Affinity

    i thought the exact opposite , gold is easy to make even at the start. few chestnut trees should see you through to AOC.
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    Mir2 Vengeance - Crystal at its best

    damn its been exploited already , im out.
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    Mir2 Vengeance - Crystal at its best

    server's down
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    Legend of Mir: Affinity Closed Beta

    looking good , still on target for the 1st december release date?
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    Black Ops 3.

    fair play , good score that. whats guns/ perks/ specialist are you using? im using a smg (vmp) atm with silencer , fast aim , quicker move while aiming. perks - overclock , fast hands , sixth sense the robot specialist ( clone skill)