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  • Hi Luke, in the last two days I have dropped (mainly to cleavage) 2weapons 2havoc pads 3belts a brace and helmet. All this in 5/6 deaths with 0 ok points, I have prob only killed 2 people since I started the game. Are the body drops correct ? This seams a bit excessive to me and players that I talk to in game seem to agree. Thanks Mike
    Noooo, aww man what a mistake to make. That is for checking Luke. Gutted, dropped 5 items yesterday and used gem instead of the orb in my bag :-(
    Hi Luke, just used an agility orb on Aztec pads and it destroyed them. I didn't think orbs were suppose to destroy items ? Can you please have a look into this and message me here or on fingers. Many thanks mike
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