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  1. Do you want a new Chronicles server?

    Will give it ago, shame it had sin hate the new classes. Hope it doesn’t have heros
  2. Do you want a new Chronicles server?

    Snake what server should I play? Want a low rate, like euro
  3. [Other] TD Server Files-

    Are all of your gates running and have the correct IP's? I found i had a similar issue and the run gate needed to be loaded before the other gates.
  4. [2.3] Setup quest for groups - variables

    Hi all, I am currently working on a long quest system involving kill counts and boss kills etc using variables and everything seems to be working ok so far Now during testing we are noticing that say 5 people are grouped up for the boss kill then only 1 person will get the quest completed. Is...
  5. [Ruby] Using the old standard mir 2.3 interface on a 2.6 version of mir

    New stuff doesn't cut it for me im afraid. The 2.3 interface was nice and simple and got the job done. Ideally i want to make my 2.3 server into a 2.6 server without sins/fishing/heroes. The only thing i really hate about 2.3 is the fact TDB can't be used each hit and its damage is very high...
  6. [Ruby] Using the old standard mir 2.3 interface on a 2.6 version of mir

    Hi Guys, Im looking to create a 2.6 version of mir and i dont really like the gamepot/any of the new UI's. Is it possible to just use the old interface? I have tried to copy the prguse files into my client but it just bugs out and you can't click on any of the icons. If any1 cud let me know...
  7. Reunited [2.3] Discussion

    Re: Mir reunited Yes its basic and things still need sorting but its a good laugh to see the old names back ingame. High rates get boring v quick and theres no donating on this server too.
  8. [2.3] Robot to spawn a boss and shout out

    Ok its set to test and the shoutout works and the mob spawn works. However the check for the mob on the map isnt working. I just keep getting loads of bosses spawn >.< [test] #IF checkmonmap ImpiriusLairKR 0 #ACT MONGENEX ImpiriusLairKR 20 20 Impirius 1 1 SENDMSG 0 "Impirius has Spawned!"...
  9. [2.3] Robot to spawn a boss and shout out

    Been struggling to get this to work :( In Robot.txt ive got: System AutoRunRobot In AutorunRobot Ive got: #AutoRun NPC SEC 60 test In Robot Manage ive got: [Test] #IF checkmonmap ImpiriusLairKR 0 #ACT MONGENEX ImpiriusLairKR Impirius 20 20 1 1 SENDMSG 0 "Impirius has Spawned!" #ELSEACT Break...
  10. Jesus you guys are still here?

    welcome back
  11. [2.3] Increase warrior skill damage/duration

    Ive been trying to make warrior skills do more damage, Mainly CHM as i would like warriors to level using this rather than a warrior t storm skill. I cant seem to get this to increase damage. Also LionRoar will only last 5 secs - Is there any way to increase this duration? :) ---------- Post...
  12. [2.3] TDB without the 5 second delay

    Any1 know how to do this? Have searched for ages :/:(
  13. [Solved] Skele mass attack randomly missing

    You sir are a legend lol cnt believe i missed this. Literally spent hours changing things too.
  14. [Solved] Skele mass attack randomly missing

    Ive made skeles use a mass attack by using Race 178 however very often even tho the mobs have 200 acc they will keep missing. This is deffo not mob lag and im really not sure what would cause them to miss 3/5 hits :S Any1 had this problem before? :#
  15. [Solved] Name View on 2.3 DM2

    Is this possible? Its not in the F12 options screen? I have searched as well and can't find any reference to it at all.